The Curling Development Fund

The USWCA Women's Curling Development Fund exists to "promote women's curling at a grassroots level by providing funding for special projects and programs."

This development fund must be used by women.

The goal is to build a "target foundation" while awarding modest grants.  Once the target foundation is met (the goal in NOT yet met), the fund may increase the percentage of budget, but never to exceed 20% of its value in a calendar year (as determined at close of USWCA books in May of the prior year.)

Donations can be sent to the Comptroller at the following address:

United States Women's Curling Association - Women's Curling Development Fund

P. O. Box 482

Racine, WI 53401


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The History of Gifts and Grants

During USWCA's 50th anniversary year, 1997-1998, on the suggestion of the President, Anne Robertson, the Board of Directors of the USWCA voted to create a fund with the expressed purpose of supporting women's curling at the grassroots club level. The fund was created in response to the growing recognition of the lack of money available to women who wanted to carry out a special project within their club or region, or needed financial assistance with travel expenses. It was also noted that fewer female teams were entering bonspiels compared to their male counterparts. Unfortunately, this may still be true today.

The fund was originally named "The Future Fund" by Edieann Biesbrock Didham to express the intent that grants from the Fund would help promote women's curling in the future. The Fund was renamed The Women's Curling Development Fund (WCDF) in September 2007, to more clearly express the purpose of this Fund.

The WCDF has grown slowly but steadily with gifts made mostly in memory of past curlers. Some honorarium or in gratitude gifts have also been received. Since the Fund may only give out, in one year, 20% of its book value of the preceding year, the WCDF Committee encourages everyone to donate to the Fund so that larger grants can be awarded in the future. All contributions are tax deductible.

The Fund operates as a reimbursement fund; it repays the grant recipient(s) after the committee approves and then receives copies of the paid expenses to be covered.

To apply for a grant, fill out and submit the USWCA Women's Curling Development Fund Request Form.

Grants have been given for a variety of purposes; for example:

  • to a junior women's team to travel to a Five Year and Under event outside their region
  • to a female coach of a junior team to attend training
  • to pay for ice time for a Women's Five Year and Under event
  • to pay for time clocks for USWCA use

At least 7 members of the USWCA including the 1st VP, Jr. Bonspiel Chair, and representatives from the five regions decide how the funds will be used to ensure the continuance of women's curling. 

For more information, go to the Contact page and 'Send Us a Message'.  Mention WCDF in the Message box.


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