Senior 2012 Second Event

Thursday 4:40 PM   Saturday 8:00 AM   Saturday 4:40 PM         Sunday 10:45 AM

Mayfield I                      Mayfield I                     St. Paul Cairn Lassies       Coyotes

Curl Mesabi                  Nutmeg                        Cleveland I                         St. Paul Cairn Lassies


                                     St. Paul Cairn Lassies                                   Second Event Winner - Coyote

                                     Mayfield II                                                      Second Event Runner Up - St. Paul Cairn Lassies


Thursday 6:50 PM   Saturday 10:10 AM  Saturday 6:50 PM       

Albany                          Albany                           Coyote

Ardsley                         Coyote                           Nutmeg


                                    Cleveland I

                                    The Country Club


Friday 7:30 AM

St Paul Bonnie Spielers






St. Paul Cairn Lassies

Bowling Green


Friday 9:40 AM

Mayfield II

Cleveland II


Cleveland I



The Country Club


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