Draw sheets

The winners of the 30th National Senior Women's Bonspiel is the Mayfield team skipped by Dee Montgomery, with Paul Forsythe, Kathy Collins and Leslie Cooke.

It was a tough competition and they beat the team from Philadelphia (Rosemary Morgan, Joe Hess, Maggie McMahon and Pat Jolly) to win the trophy. Congratulations to all!

After many tough games, many decided by the last shot...the winners of the Second Event is Judy Maier's team from Kettle Moraine. Her team included Carol Stevenson, Phyllis (Flip) Flemming and Mary Rasmussen.

The Runners-up for the Second Event was the team from Ardsley, skipped by Mieko Takiguchi, with Karen Luckey, Kris Liddle and Pippa Broadhurst.

For the Third Event, congratulations to Marilyn Goldstein's team of Wendy Berger, Joy Campisano and Ruth Horton from Albany CC for the win.

The Runners-up of the Third Event is The Country Club team of Anne Robertson, Ruth Jolliffe, Joan Partridge and Carol Friscia.

For the Fourth Event, the winners are the Arden Hills team of Myrna MacKinnon, Maureen Guay, Michelle Christianson and Molly Jensen.

The Runners-up was the Home Club, Nutmeg, skipped by Jennifer Stannard, Florence Springstead, Jayne Beattie and Heide Follin.

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Opening Ceremony at Nutmeg. The Past Presidents of the USWCA (Anne Robertson, Jennifer Guay, Present President Maureen Guay and Judy Maier.)


Maureen Guay delivering the "First Rock" of the Bonspiel.

Senior Women's Bonspiel 2011

East Area

Albany Curling Club: Marilyn Goldstein, Wendy Berger, Joy Campisano, Ruth Horton

Ardsley Curling Club: Mieko Takiguchi, Karen Luckey, Kris Liddle, Pippa Broadhurst

Broomstones Curling Club: Carolyn Macleod, Jamie Hutchinson, Gwen Krailo, Sue Fink

Cape Cod Curling Club: Barbara Sylvia, Meg Becker, Carol Arakeliam, Barbara Enos

Lake Placid Curling Club: Amber McKernan, Dorthy Roach Phyllis Magnus Sarah Wardner

Nashua Curling Club: Nancy Dinsdale, Candice Clark, Meg Clemens, Janet Doucet

Nutmeg 1:Diane Muldowney, Nancy Clancy, Maura Faughnan, Julie Pasnau

Nutmeg 2:Jennifer Stannard, Florence Springstead, Jane Beattie, Heide Follin

Philadelphia Curling Club: Rosemary Morgan, Jo Hess, Maggie McMahon, Pat Jolly

Plainfield Curling Club: Gail Knight, Mary Lou Mittchel, Cindy Vallier, Joan Shymko

Rochester Curling Club: Carol Wood, Gail Short, Lena-Marie Inserra, Bonney Bennett

Schenetady CC:Dorothy Szymaszek, Charlene Fitzgerald, Loraine Waybourn, Alice Rubin

The Country Club:Anne Robertson, Ruth Jolliffe, Joan Partridge, Carol Friscia

Central Area

Bowling Green CC: Mary Glowacki, Sharon Gargasz, Martha Mazzarella Tyne Hyslop

Mayfield 1: Louinia Mae Whittlesey, Anne Vanic, Hillary Peterson, Cheryl Drake

Mayfield 2: Dee Montgomery, Paula Forsythe, Kathy Collins, Leslie Cooke

Mayfield 3: Jeannie Borland, Susan Tortorelli, Lynn Shaw, LeeAnn Spacek

Wisconsin Area

Blackhawk Curling Club: Nancy Wilhelm, Carla Lynch, Beth Hilt, Sally Edelman

Kettle Moraine CC:Judy Maier, Carol Stevenson, Phyllis (Flip) Flemming, Mary Rasmussen

Racine CC:Barbara Vanderleest, Gail Armstrong, Sandy Antonneau, Paula Kalke

West Area

Aksarben CC:Kelly Stephens, Sigrid Festersen, Jean Vorachek. Bobbie Greenspan

Arden Hills CC: Myrna MacKinnon, Maureen Guay, Michelle Christianson, Molly Jensen

Curl Mesabi: Becky bone, Ruth Jayson, Lynda Erickson, Linda Jeffery

Hibbing CC: JoAnn Getz. Jane Miettunen, Sue Vidmar, Michele Drlaca

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