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Senior Women's Bonspiel 2013

The 32nd Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel

Itasca Curling Club, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

November 20 - 24, 2013  


Congratulations to Hutchison rink from the Broomstones Ladies Curling Club for winning the 32nd annual USWCA Senior Women's Bonspiel.  The team from Broomstones, located in Wayland, MA, emerged victorious over the 24 team field.  The event was held in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, at the Itasca Curling Club.  Great ice, great food, and great people made this an event to remember. 

First Event Winners: Broomstones of Wayland, MA

2013 Sr. Women's First Event Winner
From L - R: Nancy Jennett, Lead; Gwen Krailo-Lyons, Second; Carolyn MacLeod, Vice-Skip and Jamie Hutchinson, Skip


First Event Runner Up: Philadelphia, PA

2013 Sr. Women's First Runner Up
L-R: Pat Jolly, Lead; Maggie McMahon, Second; Jo Hess, Vice-Skip, and Rosemary Morgan, Skip

Second Event Winners: Bowling Green, Ohio                                                               Runner Up: Hibbing, MN

2nd Event Winner, Bowling Green

L to R: Ruth Brown, Lead, Martha Mazzarella, Second,

Sharon Gargasz, Vice, and Mary Glowacki, Skip

2nd Event Runner Up, Hibbing

L to R: Marilyn Nelson, Lead, Geri Miks, Second,

Lynda Erickson, Vice, and Marge Martin, Skip


Third Event Winners: Duluth, MN                                                                                    Runner Up: Cape Cod, MA

3rd Event Winner, Duluth

L to R: Joanne Docteur, Lead, Wendy Carlberg, Second,

Bonnie Shea, Vice, and Yvonne Patterson, Skip

3rd Event Runner Up, Cape Cod

L to R: Carol Arakelian, Lead, Linda Pistilli, Second,

Cathy Offinger, Vice, and Mary Colacchio, Skip


Fourth Event Winners: Ardsley, NY                                                                              Runner Up: Albany, NY

4th Event Winner

L to R: Karen Luckey, Lead, Majik Jones, Second,         

Diane Muldowney, Vice, and Nancy Clancy, Skip


4th Event Runner Up

L to R: Lucy Harr, Lead, Cynthia Galivan, Second,

Florence Springstead, Vice, and Roberta Crain, Skip




Albany: Roberta Crain

Ardsley: Nancy Clancy

Broomstones: Jamie Hutchison

Cape Cod: Mary Colacchio

Chesapeake: Sandy Bemis

Philadelphia: Rosemary Morgan


Bowling Green: Mary Glowacki

Detroit: Linda Handyside

Mayfield 1: Jeannie Borland

Mayfield 2: Leslie Cooke

Mayfield 3: Dee Montgomery


Duluth: Yvonne Patterson

Hibbing 1: Jeriann Danich

Hibbing 2: Marge Martin

Itasca: Barb Kern

Mesabi: Ruth Jayson

St. Paul Bonnie Spielers: Myke Rachu

St. Paul Cairn Lassies 1: Myrna MacKinnon

St. Paul Cairn Lassies 2: Paula Armstrong


Coyotes: Kelly Stephens


Green Bay: Karen Ronk

Kettle Moraine: Judy Maier

Madison: Marnee Hafeman

Racine: Barb Vanderleest

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