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Eight Ender!

Congratulations to the Goldstein rink from Albany on scoring 8 in one end. 

The team will receive an 8 ender pin from the USWCA to commemorate the occasion.

Pictured L to R: Wendy Berger, vice, Marilyn Goldstein, skip, Ruth Horton, lead, Joy Campisano, second.

Bonspiel Information

For information about the event, read the letter from the event on-site chairs.  For information about applying for the event, read the Invitation.  To be considered to participate, a completed Intent Form, along with the entry fee, must be received by the entry deadline.  This year's deadline was September 4, 2015.  Participants are selected by lottery using an allocation formula.  The entry fee is refunded to teams not drawn.

At the Saturday night banquet, teams were treated to a Maine delicacy - Lobster!


Senior Women's Bonspiel 2015

The 34th Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel

Belfast Curling Club, Belfast, Maine

December 2 - 6, 2015 

"Yule Rock the Coast" at the 34th Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel in Belfast, Maine.  Belfast is a lovely, historic town right on Belfast Bay.  The Belfast Curling Club hosted 24 teams at their 3 sheet club.  The Kit Party, Skip Meeting, and Opening Ceremony were held Wednesday evening, December 2, with the ceremonial throwing of the first stone taking place around 8:30 PM.  Teams curled Thursday through Sunday with the finals being held at 10:30 AM. The event hotel was the Fireside Inn, hosting all of the teams in its cozy seaside setting.

Below, President Donna Pearson delivers the first rock in the Opening Ceremonies while past presidents on hand sweep it to the button.




From left to right, past presidents Bridget Matzke, Judy Maier, and Shelley Dropkin, President Donna Pearson, past presidents Flo Springstead, and Maureen Guay.




Finalist in the first three events were piped onto the ice for their last game.





  All participated in a toast to the piper.



Congratulations to the Kettle Moraine team, the Senior Bonspiel Champions!

First Event Winner - Kettle Moraine, Hartland, WI

From L to R: Judy Maier, skip, Carol Stevenson, vice, Flip Fleming, second, and Mary Rasmussen, lead.

First Event Runner Up - St. Paul Bonnie Spielers, St. Paul, MN

From L to R: Myke Rachu, skip, Judy Olsen, vice, Jean McCann, second, Maureen Guay, lead.

Second Event Winner -  Broomstones/Ardsley, Wayland, MA                                    Runner Up - Mayfield, South Euclid, OH

From L to R: Jamie Hutchenson, skip, Carolyn McLeod, vice, Gwen Krailo-Lyons, second, Elaine Ritchie, lead

From L to R: Dee Montgomery, skip, Tracie Moore, vice, Dianne Coolidge, second, Liz Novak, lead.

Third Event Winner - Chicago, Northbrook, IL                                                             Runner Up - Belfast, ME

From L to R: Julie Denten, skip, Susan Bennett, vice, Donna Slabas, second, Joby Berman, lead.

From L to R: Bell Stone, skip, Abbie Read, vice, Donna Fancy, second, Anita King, lead.

Fourth Event Winner - Philadelphia, PA                                                                     Runner Up - Green Mountain, Essex Junction, VT

From L to R: Rosemary Morgan, skip, Jo Hess, vice, Maggie McMahon, second, Pat Jolly, lead.

From L to R: Tish Orr, skip, Meg O'Donnell, vice, Liz Alton, second, Char Mehrtens, lead.


Teams for 2015


Albany - Marilyn Goldstein, Wendy Berger, Joy Campisano, Ruth Horton

Albany - Roberta Crain, Florence Springstead, Cynthia Galivan, Betty Kelly

Ardsley/Potomac - Diane Muldowney, Karen Luckey, Majik Jones, Barb Gabhart

Belfast - Bell Stone, Abbie Read, Anita King, Donna Fancy

Broomstones/Ardsley - Jamie Hutchinson, Carolyn MacLeod, Nancy Clancy, Gwen Krailo-Lyons

Broomstones - Shelley Dropkin, Judithy Cantlin-Ho, Suzanne Roy, Nancy Jennett

Cape Cod - Sue Haigney, Pat Jones, Karin Benedict, Penny Gallagher

Chesapeake - Lorrie Needles, Sandy Frederick, Pam Parks, Marie Gomoljak

Green Mountain - Tish Orr, Meg O'Donnell, Liz Alton, Char Mehrtens

Philadelphia - Rosemary Morgan, Jo Hess, Maggie McMahon, Pat Jolly

Plainfield - Mary Ann Vermeulen, Andrea Stepnosky, Linda Carubia, Kathy Holewa

Plainfield/Belfast - Gail Knight, Marylou Mitchell, Cindy Vallier, Lucy Harr



Bowling Green - Mary Glowacki, Martha Mazzarella, Ruth Brown, Mary Zaums

Chicago - Julie Denten, Susan Bennett, Donna Slabas, Joby Berman

Columbus - Mary May, Marlene Friedman, Leeanne Chandler, Sue O'Brien

Mayfield - Dee Montgomery, Tracie Moore, Dianne Coolidge, Liz Novak

Mayfield - Jeannie Borland, Mary Jane Maisonville, Anne Vanic, Cheryl Drake



Hibbing - Jeriann Gherardi, Susan Perunovich, Debbie Sullivan, Joanne Baratto

St. Paul - Myke Rachu, Judy Olsen, Jean McCann, Maureen Guay



Coyotes - Kelly Stephens, Marnie Devlin, Denise Juillard, Tracy Drummond

Denver - Pam Finch, Alex Merrell, Pat Davis, Karen Bronson



Kettle Moraine - Judy Maier, Carol Stevenson, Flip Flemming, Mary Rasmussen

Madison - Bridget Matzke, Dae Jean Jahnke, Judi Page, Anne Pryor

Racine - Barb Vanderleest, Gail Armstrong, Paula Kalke, Sandy Antonneau

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