Message from the Past President

Karen Brattesani


As I step into the role as president of the United States Women's Curling Association (USWCA), I thank my predecessors Martha Mazzarella and Past President Dawn Gutro for their service to the organization and their wise counsel.  I also welcome elected officers: First Vice President Beth Lepping, Second Vice President Naida Leslie, Secretary Diana Hoffman, Treasurer Tracy Lawless, and Comptroller Lisa Johnson.  

I can't help thinking back to the all-girls' high school I attended in Oakland, Calif.  Our teachers encouraged young women to participate in school activities, but the very structure of the high school also meant that women filled all the leadership roles.  And so, we became leaders.  We organized our student government, sports, social activism, ethnic and foreign language groups, art and poetry journal, and the yearbook.

Since then, I have gravitated toward women's organizations and, in the USWCA, have rediscovered my enthusiasm for these places where women lead, and where women together carry out the work.  For more than 70 years, the USWCA has encouraged such involvement, leadership, mentorship, and development of women in curling.  I have selected five goals to work on during the next two years:

  • Encourage USWCA communication directly with its members.
  • Share our collective experience among clubs.
  • Support organizational transparency.
  • Support women working toward equal treatment at their clubs,
  • Foster cooperation and joint initiatives with USA Curling.

I invite you to contact me with an idea, a pet project, a program, or advice, for supporting our mission: to develop, nurture, and promote the sport of curling among today's women and all youth. 

Karen Brattesani 

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About Us

The United States Women's Curling Association

The Heart of Curling!

Membership in the United States Women's Curling Association has evolved in three ways over its 74-year history. The Central/Wisconsin region is where the USWCA was founded in 1947. Of those five clubs, Appleton, Wauwatosa and Exmoor are still faithful members of the USWCA.

The majority of our member clubs joined the USWCA when the women of those clubs organized their own leagues because no curling existed for them. Most of our Grand National and Central clubs fall under this category.

Many of our clubs in the Minnesota/ Western Regions also are USWCA members as a result of women curlers banding together to create their own special curling experiences. Examples of these are the Arden Hills Cairn Lassies and the St. Paul Bonnie Spielers in Minnesota, the Fairbanks Golden Heart Ladies in Alaska and the Grafton Heathers in North Dakota.

The second evolution in women's curling begun when curlers of all abilities in clubs large and small just wanted to come together in friendship and the USWCA offered not only its National Bonspiels and the United States Women's Championship, but also intra-club events and International Tours. Still, most were members of organized women's curling within their own club. The advent of Olympic Curling did change some inner-club women's organizations, however, the USWCA continued to prosper and most clubs maintained their membership in the USWCA, enjoying its many benefits.

The Mission of the United States Women's Curling Association is: To develop, nurture and promote the sport of curling among today's women and all youth. Our positioning statement "The Heart of Curling" supports that Mission.  Our Vision for the USWCA is: To be committed to traditions of service to women and curling while embracing organizational changes that best serve its members, its volunteers, and its reputation in the curling  community.  Our Inclusion Position Statement is: In keeping with the USWCA mission, we seek to develop, nurture, and promote the sport of curling respecting the dignity of all individuals.  As the USWCA, while we advocate for women and youth, we seek to ensure that our membership is inclusive in our discussions, thoughts, and operations as an organization.  Inclusion promotes involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized.  The USWCA values and practices respect for the talents, beliefs, abilities, backgrounds, and ways of living of its members.  (For the entire Inclusion Position Statement, click this link.)  

Presently, the USWCA is welcoming the newest curling clubs across the land with women members from all walks of life who want to enjoy the sport in different ways. Some are women who have recently taken up the sport in established curling clubs that are already members of the USWCA. A growing number are new curlers in newly organized clubs.

Our history is impressive and we are proud of it. After over 70 years, membership in the United States Women's Curling Association remains the "The Heart of Curling!"

The United States Women's Curling Association Current Officers:

2020 - 2021 President

Beth Lepping, Madison Curling Club

Madison, WI

First Vice President

Naida Leslie, Nutmeg Curling Club

New Canaan, CT

Second Vice President

Leslie McGregor, Chicago Curling Club



Miranda Hofmann, Madison Curling Club

Madison, WI


Bethany Rivera, Detroit Curling Club

Mequon, MI


Lisa Johnson, Racine Curling Club

Racine, WI

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