The USWCA would be nothing without our volunteers.  The volunteer positions available include Club Representatives, Representatives' Liaisons, committee members, committee chairs, officers, and Past Presidents.  These volunteers meet twice a year in the region of the current President, in person and virtually, to discuss the business of the organization.

Each member club has 1 Representative (Rep).  The Reps are essential in communicating opportunities presented by the USWCA to their club members.  A list of the Responsibilities of a Representative help them manage their position.  With over 80 member clubs, Reps are always rotating in and out of the organization.  The Representatives' Liaisons are there to help with transitions, answer questions, and offer advise.

The Reps make up the bulk of our committee members.  There are over 20 committees serving the USWCA, everything from Finance to Bonspiel Events, Governance to Merchandise.  With all these options, a Rep can find a committee to match their interests.  And each committee needs a chair.  A Handbook for Committee Chairs has been created to help the chairs understand the scope of their task.

There are 5 officers that keep the organization running smoothly.  And of course, they can always look to the experienced Past Presidents for advice and suggestions.

The mission of the USWCA is to develop, nurture, and promote the sport of curling among today's women and all youth.  It takes many people to make this happen.  Thank you to our volunteers.


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