Individual Participation

The Circuit is a win-win-win situation for curlers, clubs, and the USWCA - better competition for teams, and greater participation at existing Women's bonspiels at USWCA clubs.

Individuals will register for The Circuit by paying a $30.00 entry fee for the season and then enter bonspiels as usual. All team members must be dues-paying USWCA curlers. Points are earned at any Circuit Bonspiel and a curler's total points for the season are the sum of her best three competitions. In order to earn points at a bonspiel, there must be a minimum of two Circuit members on a team and the bonspiel must be entered in The Circuit. At the end of the season, the top curlers in each area will split the prize money.

The complete rules for The Circuit are listed below:

Competition within each USWCA Area

The competition will be within each USWCA Area. Curlers will be competing for prizes against other competitors within their own Area. Curlers can get points in any Circuit Bonspiel anywhere in the Country, with the top three results counting for points.


Curlers register for The Circuit by paying a season entry fee of $30.00. Points will only be awarded for bonspiels entered after the registration fee is paid. If a curler registers at a Circuit Bonspiel, the entry fee must be paid before her team's second game of the bonspiel. At least two Circuit members must be on the team for a curler to get Circuit points from the Bonspiel. The registration form can be found here and at the sidebar to the right.


Circuit participants must be a female dues-paying member of the USWCA. A participant must have reached the age of 16 by December 1, 2016. The Circuit will attempt to have at least three bonspiels per Area that will accept curlers under 21 but cannot guarantee it.

Participating Bonspiels

The list of Circuit Bonspiels can be found on line at the Participating Bonspiels page. If your USWCA club wants to include its women's bonspiel in The Circuit, registration information is available here and from your USWCA Representative. Host Clubs are asked to invest in the Curling Circuit by paying a $100 registration fee that will be added to the prize pool.  (If a host club pays the registration fee before October 1, the fee is discounted by $25; you pay $75.)  

Prize Payout

A curler's total points at the end of the season will be the sum of her top three point total bonspiels. There will be multiple prizes per area based on the number of participating curlers in each Area. Each USWCA Area will have its own prize pool unless an area has less than 3 bonspiels and/or 8 curlers sign up for The Circuit. If the participation level falls below this level, two Areas will be combined. During the inaugural year of The Circuit (2010-2011) 100% of all bonspiel and curler's fees went to the prize pools.

Review Board

Should any situations or discrepancies arise that are not covered by these rules, a USWCA Curling Circuit Review Board shall be convened to make a final decision. The Review Board shall consist of 3 members of the USWCA's Curling Circuit Committee.

Fee Handling

Fees will be collected by the Circuit Area Coordinator and held by the USWCA for payout.

Points Allocation

Registered curlers will earn points at Circuit Bonspiels.  Curlers will earn points for each win at a bonspiel.  Points will also be awarded for losses in finals of events.  The 1st event winner will be awarded the most points at a bonspiel.  Details are listed below.

All first event game wins are worth 100 points.  All other event game wins are worth 60 points.  First event final win is worth 200 points.  Other event final win is worth 60 points plus 40 points (see below).  First event final loss is worth 75 points.  Other event final losses are worth 30 points (see below)

For a Circuit member to gain bonus points for other event final win/loss she must have one first event win OR two other event wins prior to the Final.  In the event that a first event winner does not earn the most points of all the Circuit teams, their point total will be increased to be 50 points more than the second highest point total.  This scenario may occur when an unequal number of games are played to reach the first event final.


Standings will be maintained on the USWCA Website. Results submitted by the Bonspiel Chairs to the Curling Circuit Chair shall be considered the official results.

Registered participants are encouraged to monitor the site and verify that their point totals are correct. Any discrepancies should be reported to the Circuit Chair.  Go to the Contact page and 'Send us a message'.  Please include Curling Circuit in the message box. 

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