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National Women's Bonspiel 2015

67th Nat'l Bonspiel Participation Pin "Curl in the Name of Love"

USWCA 67th National Bonspiel

  • Host: Detroit Curling Club
  • When: February 11 - 15, 2015

The 67th USWCA National Bonspiel was held at the Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale, Michigan.  The Westin Hotel, Southfield, was the headquarters for the Bonspiel.  Tough weather on the east coast challenged the teams from New York, Massachusetts, and Maine.  The Kit Party was held at the Detroit CC on Wednesday evening, February 11.  The Skips' Meeting was held during the Kit Party as well as the Opening Ceremonies.  A buffet table of appetizers and desserts were provided by members of the Detroit Curling Club.  

Draws began Thursday morning, February 12, at 7:30 AM.  This was a 32 team event with teams coming from across the country, including Fairbanks, Alaska.  A banquet was held at the Westin Hotel on Thursday evening.

The finals were held Sunday, February 15, at 1:00 PM.  On Sunday, the curling house was filled with the music of a 6 piece pipe band and drummer.  All teams were piped onto the ice by this band where a toast was offered to all the women who came to "Curl in the Name of Love".  The Detroit Curling Club provided live streaming.   


Congratulations to the First Event Winners from the Exmoor Curling Club, Highland Park, Illinois

First Event Winners

Pictured (left to right) - skip Marcy Calaway, vice Tracy Lawless, second Frances Calcutt, and lead Elizabeth Demers.  Team photos of all event winners can be found here


First Event Runners Up - Centerville, Wisconsin

First Event Runners Up

Pictured L to R Skip Laura Roessler, Vice Sara Hein, Second Elyse Sorenson, Lead Rhonda Adams

Second Event Winner - Ardsley, New York


Second Event Winner

Pictured L to R Lead Laura Hill, Second Barbara Gabhart, Vice Pam Politano, Skip Pauline Davies

 Second Event Runners Up - Kettle Moraine, Hartland, Wisconsin


Second Event Runners Up

Pictured L to R Lead Julie Fay-Krivitz, Second Kathy Hyslop, Vice Carol Stevenson, Skip Bonnie Dixon

Third Event WInners - Detroit, Ferndale, Michigan



Third Event Winner

Pictured L to R - Skip Michele Falvey, Vice Bethany Rivera, Second Julie Smith, Lead Shelly Bahr

Third Event Runners Up - The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts


Third Event Runners Up 

Pictured L to R - Lead Joan Partridge, Second Cathy Claflin, Vice Anne Robertson, Skip Lee Ladd

Fourth Event Winners - Kettle Moraine, Hartland, Wisconsin


Fourth Event Winner 

Pictured L to R - Skip Judy Maier, Vice Barbara Rompolia, Second Millie Buege, Lead Jackie Stetina

Fourth Event Runners Up - Fairbanks, Alaska


Fourth Event Runners Up 

Pictured L to R - Lead Karen Spaleta, Second Terra Bowen, Vice Joanne Hufman, Skip Gayle Hazen




Ardsley 1 - Pauline Davies, Pam Politano, Barbara Gabhart, Laura Hill

Ardsley 2 - Nancy Clancy, Gail Boggio, Lynn Salmon, Susan Lapham

Belfast - Karen MacDonald, Abbie Read, Jaye Martin, Ellen Schneiter

Broomstones - Dawn Gutro, Carolyn MacLeod, Elaine Ritchie, Chris Richards

Cape Cod 1 - Krista Longnecker, Elizabeth Abeltin, Rachel Hutchinson, Amy Henderson

Cape Cod 2 - Mary Colacchio, Cathy Offinger, Linda Pistilli, Carol Arakelian

Nutmeg 1 - Jennifer Stannard, Naida Leslie, Jayne Bettie, Erin Doucette

Nutmeg 2 - Diane Muldowney, Maura Cockey, Marianne Roggemann, Elizabeth Falsetti

Rochester - Carol Wood, Rebecca Hahn, Andrea Greisberger, Sal Gardner

TCC - Lee Ladd, Anne Robertson, Cathy Claflin, Joan Partridge



Bowling Green - Mary Glowacki, Sharon Gargasz, Martha Mazzarella, Alana Malik

Cleveland Skating 1 - Katy Mercer, Bonnie Sharpe, Peggy Savani, Carole Negus

Cleveland Skating 2 - Rebecca Storey, Mary Ann Hulme, Julia Sullivan, Annie Hubbard

Columbus - Pamela Stanczewski, Shelley Miller, Karen Hamilton, Lisa Wolfe

Detroit 1 - Michele Falvey, Bethany Rivera, Julie Smith, Shelly Bahr

Detroit 2 - Dawn Brauninger, Laura Call, Wendy Haykus, Ann Gabhart

Detroit 3 - Linda McCutcheon, Deb Freedlander, Pamela Buchkowski, Suzanne York

Exmoor - Marcy Calaway, Tracy Lawless, Elizabeth Demers, Frances Calcutt

Great Smokey Mountain - Twila Yednock, Sandra Takata, Kerry Cholka, Joanna MacFarlane

Mayfield 1 - Dee Montgomery, Tracie Moore, Dianne Coolidge, Liz Novak

Mayfield 2 - Irina Khusid, Leslie Cooke, Hilary Peterson, Jennifer Murphy

Mayfield 3 - Angela Fox, Ashley Lowry, Karissa Piper, Kristen Roenigk


Arden Hills Cairn Lassies - Molly Jensen, Paula Rozinka, Jamie Warndahl, Helen Halverson

St. Paul Bonnie Spielers - Paula Armstrong, Maureen Guay, Jacque Brunsberg, Marcia Vandesteeg


Fairbanks - Gayle Hazen, Joanne Hufman, Terra Bowen, Karen Spaleta


Blackhawk - Celia Zaccard, Stacy Sennett-Baden, Jodeen Exner, Megan Veldkamp

Centerville - Laura Roessler, Sara Hein, Elyse Sorenson, Rhonda Adams

Kettle Moraine 1 - Bonnie Dixon, Carol Stevenson, Kathy Hyslop, Julie Fay-Krivitz

Kettle Moraine 2 - Judy Maier, Barbara Rampolla, Millie Buege, Jackie Stetina

Madison - Star Pfiffner, Bridget Matzke, Beth Lepping, Kathy Bodine

Milwaukee 1 - Barb Hamm, Linda Goetsch, Margie Knitter, Mary Beth Goelzer

Milwaukee 2 - Kristin Smith, Linda Even, Clare Bergquist, Diane Rosenberg


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