Opening Ceremonies

President Donna Pearson delivers the first stone with the help of 5 past presidents. 

From left to right, past presidents Judy Maier, Star Pfiffner, Jennifer Stannard, current President Donna Pearson, and past presidents Shelley Dropkin and Maureen Guay at the Opening Ceremonies.

Draw Sheets

Here are the final results of the 4 events.

Welcome to Fairbanks

Participant Information

The release forms and letter of congratulations are available below.  Please return the forms to the bonspiel chair, Deb Sather, by January 31, 2016.  

Bonspiel Information

For information about the event, please read the invitation.

To be considered to participate, a completed application along with the entry fee must be received by the entry deadline.  This year's deadline was November 2, 2015. 

Quilt Raffle

The Fairbanks Curling Club was pleased to offer a quilt raffle to help sponsor the 2016 USWCA National Bonspiel - the first time this prestigious women's championship was held in Alaska.  Tickets were $5 for a chance to win this lovely quilt made by the ladies of the Fairbanks Curling Club.  

National Women's Bonspiel 2016

2016 Nationals Logo"Raven About Curling"

USWCA 68th National Bonspiel

  • Host: Fairbanks Curling Club
  • When: February 24 - 28, 2016

The 68th USWCA National Bonspiel was held at the Fairbanks Curling Club in Fairbanks, Alaska.  The Westmark Hotel was the headquarters for the Bonspiel.  The kit party and skips' meeting was held Wednesday, February 24 at the Fairbanks Curling Club.  The thirty two (32) team event began on Thursday morning and continued through Sunday afternoon.  Congratulations to the team from Centerville on winning the first event.

For more information, click this link.  

(Pin design is displayed here by permission of ESCO.)

Congratulations to the Bonspiel Champions

The first event winners were the Roessler rink from the Centerville Curling Club, Galesville, WI.  Congratulations to skip Laura Roessler, vice Sara Hein, second Elyse Sorenson, and lead Rhonda Adams, pictured here left to right.





The first event runners up were the Dropkin rink from the Broomstones Curling Club, Wayland, MA, with skip Shelley Dropkin, vice Anne Fournier, second Sharon Quill, and lead Marsha Edmunds, pictured here left to right.






Second Event Winners - Chicago  Curling Club, Northbrook, IL


Skip Michele Rittgers, vice Leslie Armstrong, second Kelly  Zahn, lead Juile Denten

Second Event Runners Up - Madison Curling Club, McFarland, WI


Skip Lori Karst, vice Dawn Nonn, second Dae Jean Jahnke, lead Judi Page

Third Event Winners - Rochester Curling Club, Rochester, NY


Skip Carol Wood, vice Rebecca Hahn, second Andrea Greisberger, lead Bonney Bennett

Third Event Runners Up - Fairbanks Curling Club, Fairbanks, AK


Skip Karen Spaleta, vice Martha Hanlon, second Jeannette Smith, lead Anne Burns

Fourth Event Winners - Ardsley Curling Club, Ardsley-On-Hudson, NY


Skip Diane Muldowney, vice Leeza Furman, second Alice Yeh, lead Karen Luckey

Fourth Event Runners Up - Granite Curling Club, Seattle, WA


Skip Nadyne Krienke, vice Beth Bronger-Jones, second Elizabeth Johnson, lead Megan Goodenkauf
(Teams are pictured left to right, skip to lead.)



Ardsley 1 - Pauline Davies, Pam Politano, Barbara Gabhart, Mary Lockhart

Ardsley 2 - Diane Muldowney, Leeza Furman, Alice Yeh, Karen Luckey

Broomstones 1 - Dawn Gutro, Carolyn MacLeod, Elaine Ritchie, Maggie Snow

Broomstones 2 - Shelley Dropkin, Sharon Quill, Ann Fournier, Marsha Edmunds

Cape Cod - Krista Longnecker, Elizabeth Abeltin, Rachel Hutchinson, Amy Henderson

Charlotte Curling Association - Sylvia Jennings, Stacie Pinnavaia, Carol McKee, Melissa Filanowicz

CC of VA - Katie McCartney, Kirsten Collins, Christine Alessi, Jenn Fox

Potomac - Elizabeth Demers, Laura Heuer, Pam Kilbourn Smith, Majik Jones

Rochester - Carol Wood, Rebecca Hahn, Andrea Greisberger, Bonney Bennett

Schenectady - Dorothy Szymaszek, Charlene Fitzgerald, Alice Rubin, Joan Pearson


Bowling Green - Mary Glowacki, Martha Mazzarella, Ruth Brown, Alana Malik

Chicago - Michele Rittgers, Leslie Armstrong, Kelly Zahn, Julie Denten

Circle City - Tammy Hoffman, Rachel Buetens, Lisa Wieland, Caryn Thompson

Detroit - Dawn Brauninger, Laura Call, Diana Jankowski, Bethany Riveria

Exmoor - Marcy Calaway, Tracy Lawless, Frances Calcutt, Jeanne Goldman

Mayfield 1 - Dee Montgomery, Tracie Moore, Kim Doarfler, Cynthia Riehl

Mayfield 2 - Leslie Cooke, Anne Vanic, Donna Pearson, Cheryl Drake


Blackhawk - Kim Rudkin, Deb Richards, Megan Veldkamp, Jodeen Exner

Centerville - Laura Roessler, Sara Hein, Elyse Sorenson, Rhonda Adams

Kettle Moraine - Judy Maier, Diana Gettinger, Carol Stevenson, Julie Fay-Krivitz

Madison 1 - Kathy Pielage, Star Pfiffner, Anne Pryor, Kathy Bodine

Madison 2 - Lori Karst, Dawn Nonn, Dae Jean Jahnke, Judi Page

Milwaukee - Kristin Smith, Linda Even, Clare Bergquist, Barb Vandenberg

Racine - Lisa Johnson, Barb Vanderleest, Paula Kalke, Amanda Hyttel


Arden Hills - Maureen Guay, Molly Jensen, Jamie Warndahl, Paula Rozinka

St. Paul Bonnie Spielers - Sally Augustin, Amy Andersen, Gail Anderson, Nancee Melby


Coyotes - Kelly Stephens, Beki Nowlan, Debra Aubrey, Tracey Drummond

Fairbanks 1 - Karen Spaleta, Martha Hanlon, Jeannette Smith, Anne Burns

Fairbanks 2 - Kelly Snider, Ardis Bourque, Elaine Thompson McGee, Margaret Mannix

Granite 1 - Elle LeBeau, Cyndy Eng-Dinsel, Claire Bonin, Marissa Wright

Granite 2 - Nadyne Krienke, Beth Bronger-Jones, Elizabeth Johnson, Megan Goodenkauf

San Francisco - TC Altus, Erin Rhode, Jennifer Lin, Loreen Makishima-Wolf

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