Opening Ceremonies

USWCA President, Martha Mazzarella (in the hack), prepares to deliver the first stone to open the bonspiel.  Past Presidents (listed left to right) Donna Pearson, Star Pfiffner, Bridget Matzke, and Carol Stevenson are ready to sweep.

Past Presidents assist Martha in getting her stone to the button.  From left to right are (partially blocked) Bridget Matzke, Star Pfiffner,  Carol Stevenson (blocked), Donna Pearson, Margie Knitter (blocked), Shelley Dropkin, Dawn Gutro, and Maureen Guay.

The Past Presidents in attendance at the bonspiel were (listed left to right, standing) Margie Knitter, Dawn Gutro, Peggy Jacobs, Diane Firari, Star Pfiffner, Donna Pearson, Judy Maier, Bridget Matzke, (left to right, kneeling) Shelley Dropkin, Maureen Guay, Carol Stevenson, with current President Martha Mazzarella. 

National Women's Bonspiel 2019

"Sweet Home Chicago"

USWCA 71st National Bonspiel

  • Host: Chicago Curling Club, Northbrook, IL
  • When: February 13 - 17, 2019
  • Hotel: Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel
  • Kit Party: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

128 curlers from USWCA member clubs from across the country came together in Northbrook, Illinois for the 71st National Bonspiel.   This year, 8 end games were played beginning Thursday and continuing through Sunday.  In between draws, the teams visited The Bean, toured the Orchid show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and enjoyed deep dish pizza.  Congratulations to the First Event Winners, the Horn rink from the Mayfield Curling Club.  

Draw Sheets for each event are listed below.

Congratulations to the National Women's Bonspiel Champions from the Mayfield Curling Club of South Euclid, Ohio, the Horn Rink.

First Event Winner - Mayfield Curling Club, South Euclid, Ohio

Pictured above, left to right, skip to lead, Debra Horn, Irina Khusid, Sue Frankel, and Courtney Schmidt.

First Event Runners Up - Milwaukee Curlng Club, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Pictured above, left to right, skip to lead, Tracy Lawless, Kristin Smith, Stephanie Strand, and Helen Deuhs.


Second Event Winner - Denver Curling Club, Aurora, Colorado

Second Event Runners Up - Exmoor Curling Club, Highland Park, Illinois



Left to Right, skip to lead: Cynthia Smith, Dena Rosenberry, Sarah Cai, and Alison Dinsel
Left to right, skip to lead: Marcy Calaway, Debbie Lange, Lori Tisinai Russell, Barb  Taub Hesterberg


Third Event Winner - Madison Curling Club, McFarland, Wisconsin

Third Event Runners Up - Potomac Curling Club, Laurel, Maryland



Left to right, skip to lead: Star Pfiffner, Clarion Gilbertson, Anne Pryor, and Beth Lepping


Left to right, skip to lead: Laura Heuer, Susan Armiger, Laura Barrantes, and Stacy Slette

Fourth Event Winner - Cleveland Skating Club, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Fourth Event Runners Up - Granite Curling Club, Seattle, Washington



Left to right, skip to lead: Katy Mercer, Carole Negus, Peggy Savani, and Erin Wagner
Left to right, skip to lead: Nadine Krienke, Cindy Eng-Dinsel, Dani Thibodeaux, Suzanne Smith



The clubs and teams are listed below.  


Ardsley - Karen Luckey, Gudrun Sablow, Gail Boggio. Jean Moss

Broomstones - Shelley Dropkin, Dawn Gutro, Chris Richards, Marsha Edmunds

Bucks County - Leeza Furman, Christi Kirchner, Debra Martin, Mary Fannon

Nutmeg - Diane Muldowney, Maura Cockey, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Falsetti

Potomac - Laura Heuer, Susan Armiger, Laura Barrantes, Stacy Slette

Rochester - Carol Wood, Rebecca Hahn, Andrea Greisburger, Bonney Bennett

Utica - Susan Williams, Melon Sofinski, Dee Pfohl, Jacquelyn Schmidt


Chicago - Leslie Armstrong, Kelly Zahn, Kailey Meyer, Ellie Loughlin

Cleveland - Katy Mercer, Carole Negus, Peggy Savani, Erin Wagner

Detroit - Abby Bond, Deb Freedlander, Melissa Turbow, Ann Gabhart

Exmoor - Marcy Calaway, Debbie Lange, Lori Tisinai Russell, Barb Taub Hesterberg

Mayfield - Debra Horn, Irina Khusid, Sue Frankel, Courtney Schmidt

St. Louis - Annie Saltarikos, Christina Leapley, Helen Becker, Heather Smith


Blackhawk 1 - Patrice Gabower, Suzanne Lindsay, Connie Haag, Ellyn Subak

Blackhawk 2 - Kim Rudkin, Jodeen Exner, Laureen Spielman, Megan Veldkamp 

Centerville - Laura Roessler, Sara Hein, Toni Paisley, Scotti Berg

Green Bay - Karen Ronk, Mary Kenneke, Amy Moore, Pat Weisse

Kettle Moraine 1 - Cindy Godar, Janet Banaski, Diana Gettinger, Phyllis Kirchner

Kettle Moraine 2 - Judy Maier, Carol Stevenson, Ellen Dowd, Kathy Hyslop

Madison - Star Pfiffner, Clarion Gilbertson, Anne Pryor, Beth Lepping

Milwaukee - Tracy Lawless, Kristin Smith, Helen Deuhs, Stephaine Strand

Racine - Gail Armstrong, Brenda Tait, Melissa Tait, Paula Kalke

Wausau - Terri Gleason, Jacque Siranni, Shaina Franzen, Kim Susens


Arden Hills - Paula Armstrong, Maureen Guay, Linda Turner, Marcia Vandesteeg

Four Seasons - Teri Murie, Kim Sawyer, Angie Alwin, Heather Getty

St. Paul Bonnie Spielers - Sally Augustin, Nancy Powers, Jodi Sigel, Nancee Melby


Coyotes - Kelly Stephens, Karen Tait, Megan Groh, Stacy Petersen

Denver 1 - Cynthia Smith, Dena Rosenberry, Sarah Cai, Alison Dinsel

Denver 2 - Michele Rittgers, Rebecca Wood, Kim Gallagher, Jennifer Neels

Granite 1 - Gina Triolo, Sheila Mariano, Karen Brattesani, Melaine Zahn

Granite 2 - Nadyne Krienke, Cindy Eng-Dinsel, Dani Thibodeaux, Suzanne Smith

Silicon Valley - TC Altus, Jennifer Asis, Lauren Rich, Loreen Makishima-Wolf

Welcome to Chicago

Bonspiel Information

For information about the event, please read the flyer for the event.

The Welcome Letter sent to participating teams and the Bonspiel Schedule contain valuable information you will find useful. 

Participant Information

The Athlete Release Form, the Liability Waiver, and Banquet Choice/Dietary Restriction Form can be downloaded and sent to the on-site chair.

To be considered to participate, a completed hard copy application along with the entry fee needed to be received by your club's USWCA Representative by the deadline she established. (For the Reps, the Representatives' Letter/Instructions can be reviewed from the Members Area under the News tab.)  This year, entries needed to be received by the National Chair by December 5, 2018.  A copy of the entry form can be found here.  Please contact your USWCA Representative for more information.

Selection Allocation

The allocation percentages used to determine the number of teams selected per club is available here

Live Streaming

At the beginning of each draw, a game was selected for broadcasting.  To find the archived videos of the games, go to and search for Chicago Curling Club Live Stream or go to this link.

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