Draw Schedule

Note - All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

Download the bonspiel schedule of events, which includes draw times.

To see the draw chart (brackets) for the events, go to the Granite Curling Club website.  The results will be updated after each draw has been completed.

Live Streaming

Note - All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

To see the table of draw - team pairings by sheet number, time and date, go to the Granite Curling Club website.

Live streaming will be available on TESN - Washington.  Games will be streamed on all 5 sheets simultaneously.     

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Welcome to Seattle

Bonspiel Information

For information about the event, please read the event flyer.

Participation Information

The Athlete Release Form, the Liability Waiver, and the Banquet Dietary Restriction Form can be downloaded and sent to the on-site co-chairs. 

To be considered to participate, a completed hard copy application along with the entry fee needed to be received by your club's USWCA Representative by the deadline she established. (For the Reps, the Representatives' Letter/Instructions can be reviewed from the Members Area under the News tab.)  A copy of the entry form can be found here.  Please contact your USWCA Representative for more information.

Selection Allocation

The allocation percentages used to determine the number of teams selected per region is available here.

National Women's Bonspiel 2020

"Experience Seattle"

USWCA 72nd National Bonspiel

  • Host: Granite Curling Club, Seattle, WA
  • When: February 19 - 23, 2020
  • Hotel: Hotel Nexus
  • Kit Party: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Granite Curling Club in Seattle, WA will be hosting 32 teams from around the country for the 72nd Women's National Bonspiel.  Please see the right side bar for more information.

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For first draw pairings, and the most up to date team roster, go to the Granite Curling Club website.

The participating teams are listed below, skip to lead, left to right, and are subject to change.


Belfast - Ann Kirkpatrick, Abbie Reed, Sharon Besso, Donna Fancy

Broomstones - Elaine Ritchie, Carolyn MacLeod, Sharon Quill, Marsha Edmunds

Nutmeg - Jennifer Stannard, Naida Leslie, Barb Baroni, Erin Doucette

Plainfield - Andrea Stepnosky, Maryann Vermeulen, Robin Kerr, Gail Knight

Rochester - Carol Wood, Rebecca Hahn, Carol Dellavilla, Bonney Bennett

The Country Club - Cathy Claflin, Lissa England, Chris Battat, Charlotte Thibodeau


Bowling Green - Angie Jones, Martha Mazzarella, Ruth Brown, Mary Zaums

Chicago - Leslie McGregor, Ellie Laughlin, Susan Bennett, Julie Denten

Detroit 1 - Abby Bond, Melissa Turbow, Jenny Levy, Shelly Bahr

Detroit 2 - Laura Call, Diana Jankowski, Dawn Brauninger, Bethany Rivera

Exmoor - Marcy Calaway, Amy Hartwell, Barb Kasser, Barb Hesterberg

Mayfield - Dee Montgomery, Tracie Moore, Dianne Coolidge, Amy Friedl

St. Louis - Becca Walters, Chesley Filipiak, Helen Becker, Carolyn Hotra 

Triangle - Mayre Brouse, Lea Franklin, Sarah Waters, P.J. Feinson 


Arden Hills - Sapa Carlson, Lisa Rudolph, Barb Klussendorf, Thora Eriksmoen

Coyotes - Kelly Stephens, Marnie Devlin, Carol Ann Naso, Kathie Coolidge

Denver - Cynthia Smith, Alyssa Schear, Dena Rosenberry, Alison Dinsel

Evergreen - Lisa Tamura, Kelsey Schneider, Jeanie King, Lindsey Goss-Muaurisak

Fairbanks - Martha Hanlon, Karen Spaleta, Erica Blake, Jeannette Smith 

Four Seasons - Teri Murie, Jenna Chapiewsky, Kari Gullickson, Heather Getty

Granite - Cindy Garzina, Karen Brattesani, Christie Guttler, Cathie Tomlinson 

Silicon Valley - Diane Palme, Maria Eswine, Julie Wolf, Antoinette Serna

St. Paul - Sally Augustin, Nancy Powers, Jodi Sigel, Nancee Melby

Wine Country - Megan Groh, Shannon King, Melissa McGuire, Ilene Barbree


Blackhawk - Kim Rudkin, Jodeen Exner, Megan Veldkamp, Deb Richards 

Centerville - Laura Roessler, Sara Hein, Elyse Sorenson, Ericka Overgard

Green Bay - Karen Ronk, Mary Kenneke, Amy Moore, Pat Weisse

Kettle Moraine - Judy Maier, Carol Stevenson, Millie Buege, Kathy Hyslop

Madison - Kathy Pielage, Star Pfiffner, Judi Page, Dae Jean Jahnke

Milwaukee - Tracy Lawless, Kristin Smith, Julia Padvoiskis, Helen Deuhs

Racine - Pam Wortley, Pat Heim, Ginny Anderson, Brenda Tait

Rice Lake - Patti Fox, Karen Dundore, Marsha Shuda, Kristina Zengaffinen 

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