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The Scot Tour got underway in November 2016.  For the first time, one was able to follow their adventures through social media.    The teams met in Pewaukee, Wisconsin September 16 - 18, 2016 to socialize, pick up their gear, and prepare for their trip.  See the Daily Report for information about their experiences at the USWCA Fall Meeting in Pewaukee and their adventures in Scotland.  


The 5 teams of the 2016 Scot Tour are pictured below.  Team members are listed from left to right - skip, vice, second, and lead.

L to R: Sally Augustin, Mary Glowacki, Gwen Krailo-Lyons, and Donna Pearson

L to R: Linda Christensen, Lisa Johnson, Maryanne Wessels, and Stacie Pinnavaia.

L to R:  Shelley Dropkin, Karen Brattesani, Beth Lepping, and Cheryl Drake.

L to R: Vietta Kampen, Julie Denten, Sandy Bromenschenkel, and Nancy Drischler.

L to R: Tracy Lawless, Carol Ann Naso, Kathy Hyslop, and Jacquelyn R. Schmidt

Scot Tour 2016

A twenty member women's team is chosen every 10 years to compete and represent the United States in Scotland.  Tour participants are selected based upon several criteria including physical and social stamina as well as dedication to the organization and game of curling.  For 2016, the tour lasted approximately 3 weeks in early November.  Participants got up early, retired late, and played two 8 end games almost daily.  When not curling, they were traveling, sightseeing, and participating in other group activities.   

USWCA Team Wins the Marguerite Roberts Quaich

The USWCA Scot Tour 2016 Team won the Marguerite Roberts Quaich.  For information on the presentation of the award and more about their tour, please read the article from the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

Outgoing Scots Tour Team

With one of the largest and most diverse applicant pools in the history of the tour, the committee faced a daunting task.  There were a total of 65 applicants across the U.S. - 24 from the East representing 16 clubs, 15 from Central representing 11 clubs, 8 from Wisconsin representing 6 clubs, and 18 from the West I and II representing 13 clubs.  Six stick curlers applied.  Applicants' ages ranged from 31 to 76 years.  Years of curling ranged from less than 1 year to 46 years.  Twenty women were selected for the tour, with two alternates for each area.  Congratulations to the 2016 Scot Tour Team!

The USWCA is pleased to announce the 2016 Outgoing Scot Tour team:

Seated, L to R: WI: Portage, Vietta Kampen, West: Duluth, Linda Christensen, East: Charlotte, Stacie Pinnavaia, WI: Kettle Moraine, Kathy Hyslop, Central: Detroit, Maryanne Wessels.  Backrow, L to R: WI: Madison, Beth Lepping, West: Itasca, Sandy Bromenschenkel, Central: Bowling Green, Mary Glowacki, West: Granite, Karen Brattesani, Central: Mayfield, Cheryl Drake, Central: Exmoor, Tracy Lawless, East: Broomstones, Shelley Dropkin, East: Utica, Jacquelyn Schmidt, West: St. Paul, Sally Augustin, East: Albany, Nancy Drischler, East: Nashua, Gwen Krailo-Lyons, WI: Racine, Lisa Johnson, West: Coyotes, Carol Ann Naso, Central: Chicago, Julie Denten, West: Grand Forks, Donna Pearson.


Team Members By Area

EAST: Albany - Nancy Drischler, Broomstones - Shelley Dropkin, Charlotte - Stacie Pinnavaia, Nashua - Gwen Krailo-Lyons, Utica - Jacquelyn Schmidt

CENTRAL: Bowling Green - Mary Glowacki, Chicago - Julie Denten, Detroit - Maryanne Wessels, Exmoor - Tracy Lawless, Mayfield - Cheryl Drake

WISCONSIN: Kettle Moraine - Kathy Hyslop, Madison - Beth Lepping, Portage - Vietta Kampen, Racine - Lisa Johnson

WEST: Coyotes - Carol Ann Neso, Duluth - Linda Christensen, Grand Forks - Donna Pearson, Granite - Karen Brattesani, Itasca - Sandra Bromenschenkel, St. Paul - Sally Augustin

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