Draw Sheets

Final results are listed in the draw sheet links below.

Waltham Hosts the Bonspiel

The kitchen volunteers at the Waltham Curling Club feed a few hungry bonspielers.

The teams meet after a draw to socialize in the Waltham warm room.
Jane Wilson, chair of the bonspiel, cuts the cake.   

Senior Women's Bonspiel 2016

The 35th Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel

Waltham Curling Club, Triumph, Illinois

November 30 - December 4, 2016

The Waltham Curling Club had a "Calling of the Clans" in Triumph, Illinois for the 35th Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel.  The Waltham Curling Club hosted 24 teams on 3 sheets of ice from November 30 - December 4, 2016.  The teams were snug in close quarters for the kit party.  The Ceremonial throwing of the first rock was cancelled due to the ice flood done by the ice crew earlier that afternoon.  After working diligently into the wee hours of the morning, the ice was ready for the first draw Thursday morning.  The teams were welcomed to the home of the Caruses on Thursday night which was lovingly decorated for the holidays.  Friday night, the teams were invited to the Uptown Grill and were entertained by a Celtic fiddler who educated the audience on the nuances of Irish music and delighted them with her tunes. The host hotel was the LaQuinta Inn in Peru, Illinois.  Entry information can be found on the bottom of this page.

Congratulations to the Senior Bonspiel Champions from Schenectady, NY, the Szymaszek Rink.

First Event Winner - Schenectady, Schenectady, NY

Pictured left to right are lead Michele Moffitt, second Denise Cashmere, vice Fay Navratil, and skip Dorothy Szymaszek.

First Event Runner Up - Broomstones Ladies, Wayland, MA 

Pictured L to R: skip Jamie Hutchinson,  vice Carolyn MacLeod, second Suzanne Roy, and lead Nancy Jennett.

Second Event Winner -  Mayfield 2, South Euclid, OH                        Second Event Runner Up - Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

From L to R: Bonnie Campbell (subbing for vice Tracie Moore), lead Liz Novak, second 
Dianne Coolidge, skip Dee Montgomery

From L to R: skip Rosemary Morgan, vice Jo Hess, second Maggie McMahon, lead Pat Jolly

Third Event Winner - Charlotte Belles, Charlotte, NC                        Third Event Runner Up - Green Bay 2, Green Bay, WI

From L to R: vice Carol White, second Deb Hample, lead Carol McKee, and skip
Sylvia Jennings

From L to R: lead Brenda Tait, second Janice Jennings-Rhyme, vice Lil LaRue, and skip
Lisa Landon

Fourth Event Winner - Green Bay 1, Green Bay, WI                          Fourth Event Runner Up - Hibbing, Hibbing, MN

From L to R: lead Pat Weisse, second Terry Hermes, vice Laurie Walters, and skip Karen Ronk

From L to R: lead Joanne Baratto, second Deb Sullivan, vice Susan Perunovich, and skip Jeriann Gherardi


Teams for 2016

Teams are listed skip to lead, left to right.


Albany - Roberta Crain, Florence Springstead, Cynthia Galivan, Betty Kelly

Broomstones - Jamie Hutchinson, Carolyn MacLeod, Suzanne Roy, Nancy Jennett

Cape Cod 1 - Mary P. Colacchio, Cathy Offinger, Linda Pistilli, Carol Arakelian

Cape Cod 2 - Barbara Enos, Rene Voorhees, Debra Sawka, Barbara Sheerin 

Charlotte - Sylvia Jennings, Carol White, Deb Hample, Carol McKee

Nutmeg - Jennifer Stannard, Naida Leslie, Jayne Beattie, Heide Follin

Philadelphia - Rosemary Morgan, Jo Hess, Maggie McMahon, Pat Jolly

Schenectady - Dorothy Szymaszek, Fay Navratil, Denise Cashmere, Michele Moffitt


Bowling Green - Jeannie Borland, Sharon Gargasz, Martha Mazzarella, Ruth Brown

Detroit - Dawn Brauninger, Linda McCutcheon, Deb Freedlander, Susan Tortorelli

Mayfield 1 - Leslie Cooke, Paula Forsythe, Chris Hicks, Kathy Collins

Mayfield 2 - Dee Montgomery, Tracie Moore, Dianne Coolidge, Liz Novak


Hibbing - Jeriann Gherardi, Susan Perunovich, Deb Sullivan, Joanne Baratto

St. Paul Bonnie Spielers - Myke Rachu, Judy Olsen, Jean McCann, Maureen Guay


Coyotes 2 - Marnie Devlin, Jane Rockstad, Theresa Shaw, Denise Juillard

Coyotes 1 - Kelly Stephens, Betsy Fredericksen, Elizabeth Johnson, Kathie Coolidge

Denver 1 - Brenda Bedard, Nancy Mutz, Janet Burda, Liz French

Denver 2 - Pam Finch, Alex Merrell, Pat Davis, Karen Bronson


Green Bay 2 - Lisa Landon, Lil LaRue, Janice Jennings Rhyme, Brenda Tait

Green Bay 1 - Karen Ronk, Laurie Walters, Terry Hermes, Pat Weisse

Kettle Moraine - Judy Maier, Carol Stevenson, Flip Flemming, Mary Rasmussen

Madison - Clarion Gilbertson, Mary Ann Jerred, Dae Jean Jahnke, Judi Page

Racine - Barb Vanderleest, Gail Armstrong, Paula Kalke, Lish Janecky 

Wauwatosa - JoAnn Matthews, Jennifer Wakefield, Karen Haagensen, Jill Gaertner 

Bonspiel Information

Here is the event schedule.


For entry information, click on the flyer above.  


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