Opening Ceremonies

In the absence of the current President, Dawn Gutro, Past President Judy Maier throws the first stone at the Opening Ceremonies.  Past Presidents (from left to right in red jackets) Carol Stevenson, Jeannie Borland (partially blocked), and Maureen Guay sweep the stone.   

All Past Presidents in attendance were, pictured left to right, Maureen Guay, Judy Maier, Donna Purkey, Carol Stevenson, and Jeannie Borland.

Super Senior Fun Day

A bonus event was added for curlers 65 years of age by December 31, 2017.  The Super Senior Fun Day event was hosted by the Coyotes Curling Club and was not a USWCA national event.  It consisted of 2 games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon,  held before the USWCA Senior Women's National Bonspiel Kit Party.  You did not have to be playing in the Senior Women's National Bonspiel to participate in the Super Senior Fun Day and you could play in both.  Entries were accepted for individuals and teams were compiled from those interested.  Click this link to see the entry form that was used.

Draw Sheets

Photos of the final draw sheets are linked here; 1st Event, 2nd Event, 3rd Event, and 4th Event.  The Coyotes CC also used Bonspieler to list scores, draws, and team pairings however, those results have been removed from the site.  

Senior Women's Bonspiel 2017

The 36th Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel

Coyotes Curling Club, Tempe, Arizona

November 29 - December 3, 2017

The Coyotes Curling Club in Tempe, Arizona hosted the 36th Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel. The host hotel was the Hyatt Place Tempe/Phoenix Airport.  The bonspiel took place from November 29 - December 3, 2017.  The theme for the event was Desert Jewels.  A total of 32 teams were selected to play at the 4 sheet club. 

At the kit party, Past President, Donna Purkey, a Coyotes member, held the broom for Past President Judy Maier, who threw the first rock in the Opening Ceremonies while the other Past Presidents in attendance swept.  Later, Donna was presented with the USWCA Service award by Past President Carol Stevenson in a very moving tribute.  Donna holds her award in the picture to the right with Carol behind her.       

During the Closing Ceremonies, the teams in the final event, to their delight, were escorted onto the ice by not one but two pipers.  Then to make things even more memorable, about 10 minutes into the finals, the building lost power.  Those on the ice moved toward the windows and began singing the tune of Scotland the Brave followed by Sweet Caroline and a song offered up from the Scots Tour participants present.  In the warm room, the spectators broke into song as well.  After approximately 10 minutes, power was restored and play resumed.  A final invitation to this event was made available in August 2017.  See the right side bar for a copy of the First Invitation and the Intent Form.

Congratulations to the Senior Bonspiel Champions from Nutmeg Curling Club of Bridgeport, Connecticut, the Leslie Rink.

First Event Winner - Nutmeg Curling Club, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Pictured above, left to right, skip Naida Leslie, vice Bobbie Stoll, second Jayne Beattie, lead Karen Shane


First Event Runners Up - Madison Curling Club, McFarland, Wisconsin

Pictured above, left to right, skip Kathy Pielage, vice Clarion Gilbertson, second Dae Jean Jahnke, lead Judi Page.


Second Event Winner: Arden Hill, St. Paul, MN

Second Event Runners Up: Chicago Curling Club, Chicago, IL

From left to right skip Sally Augustine, vice Barb Chapman, second Barb Klussendorf, and lead Linda Turner

From right to left, skip Julie Denten, vice Susan Bennett, second Stephanie Martin, and lead Joby Berman

Third Event Winner: Granite Curling Club, Seattle, WA

Third Event Runners Up: Kettle Moraine II, Hartland, WI

From left to right skip Cindy Garzina, vice Karen Brattesani, second Denise Hoekstra, and lead Cathie Tomlinson.

From left to right skip Barbara Rampolia, vice Linda Kawecki, second Jackie Stetina, and lead Ellen Dowd

Fourth Event Winners: Rochester Curling Club, Rochester, NY

Fourth Event Runners Up: Schenectady Curling Club, Schenectady, NY

From left to right skip Carol Wood, vice Andrea Greisberger, second Carol Deilavilla, and lead Bonney Bennett

From left to right skip Dorothy Szymaszek, vice Fay Navratil, second Denise Cashmere, and lead Michele Moffitt



Teams are listed skip to lead, left to right.


Albany II - Nancy Drischler, Chris Hall, Marilyn Mathany, Winn Schwartz

Albany I - Marilyn Goldstein, Wendy Berger, Joy Campisano, Ruth Horton

Ardsley - Diane Muldowney, Susan Lapham, Lucy Harr, Karen Luckey

Cape Cod - Mary Colacchio, Cathy Offinger, Linda Pistilli, Carol Arakelian

Green Mountain - Tish Orr, Meg O'Donnell, Lizzie Allen, Char Mehrtens

Nutmeg - Naida Leslie, Bobbie Stoll, Jayne Beattie, Karen Shane

Philadelphia - Rosemary Morgan, Jo Hess, Maggie McMahon, Pat Jolly

Plainfield I - Gail Knight, Mary Lou Mitchell, Cindy Vallier, Marsha Edmunds (Broomstones Ladies)

Plainfield II - Andrea Stepnosky, Maryann Vermeulen, Linda Carubia, Robin Kerr

Rochester - Carol Wood, Andrea Greisberger, Carol Dellavilla, Bonney Bennett

Schenectady - Dorothy Szymaszek, Fay Navratil, Denise Cashmere, Michele Moffitt

The Country Club - Lissa England, Cathy Claflin, Chris Battat, Joan Partridge


Bowling Green - Mary Glowacki, Sharon Gargasz, Martha Mazzarella, Ruth Brown

Chicago - Julie Denton, Susan Bennett, Stephanie Martin, Joby Berman

Detroit - Dawn Brauninger, Laura Call, Susan Tortorelli, Twila Yednock

Mayfield - Jeanne Borland, Leslie Cooke, Hilary Peterson, Cheryl Drake

Waltham - Jane Wilson, Mary Lou Schomas, Ann Vaughn, Jane Vahle


Blackhawk - Nancy Zolidis, Nancy Wilhelm, Beth Hilt, Sally Edelman

Green Bay - Karen Ronk, Katie Carrera, Millie  Buege, Pat Weisse

Kettle Moraine I - Judy Maier, Carol Stevenson, Flip Flemming, Mary Rasmussen

Kettle Moraine II - Barbara Rampolla, Linda Kawecki, Jackie Stetina, Ellen Dowd

Madison - Kathy Pielage, Clarion Gilbertson, Dae Jean Jahnke, Judi Page

Milwaukee - Lisa Graff, Joanne Moll, Kate Wolter, Kathy Geracie

Racine - Pam Wortley, Diane Kelly, Lil LaRue, Lisa Janecky


Arden Hills - Sally Augustin, Barb Chapman, Barb Klussendorf, Linda Turner

Four Seasons - Myrna MacKinnon, Heather Getty, Sherry Kruger, Michele Widen

Hibbing - Susan Perunovich, Jeriann Gherardi, Deborah Sullivan, Joanne Baratto

St. Paul Bonnie Spielers - Myke Rachu, Judy Olsen, Jean McCann, Maureen Guay


Coyotes - Marnie Devlin, Jane Rockstad, Debbie Aubrey, Denise Juillard

Denver I - Brenda Bedard, Kimber Brekke, Janet Burda, Liz French

Denver II - Alex Merrell, Pam Finch, Pat Davis, Karen Bronson

Granite - Cindy Garzina, Karen Brattesani, Denise Hoekstra, Cathie Tomlinson

View the Games

The Coyotes CC recorded each draw.  Click on this link to get to the Coyotes Curling Club YouTube channel and select the archived draw you wish to view from the 2017 USWCA Senior Nationals and Super Seniors.

Bonspiel Information

Click the flyer to enlarge.

How To Enter

For information about applying for the event, read the Invitation.  To be considered to participate, a completed Intent Form, along with the entry fee, must be received by the entry deadline.  This year's entry deadline was September 7, 2017.  Participants were selected by lottery using an allocation formula.  The entry fee will be refunded to teams not drawn.

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