Application Information

For information about applying for the Senior Women's Bonspiel, and how to reserve a hotel room, read the Invitation.  To be considered to participate, a completed Intent Form, along with the entry fee, had to be received by September 6, 2019. Participants were selected by lottery using an allocation formula.  The entry fee will be refunded to teams not drawn.  

(To apply for the Super Senior Fun Day, see the information to the left.)

Super Senior Participants

All of these ladies participated in the Super Senior Event held in Albany, NY.

Draw Sheet

Here is the draw sheet with the results from all 4 events.


Past Presidents Open the Bonspiel

These 5 Past Presidents were on hand to Open the Senior National Bonspiel in Albany.

From left to right, Anne Robertson, Star Pfiffner, Martha Mazzarella, Flo Springstead, and Carol Stevenson.

Senior Women's Bonspiel 2019

The 38th Annual Senior Women's Bonspiel

Albany Curling Club, Albany, New York


November 20 - 24, 2019

The Albany Curling Club hosted "A New York State of Mind".  It was a 16 team, 8 end event, played at the 2 sheet club.  The club was honored to host the event and show how special a smaller club can be promoting the love of curling.  The Kit Party and Skips' Meeting were held Wednesday, November 20 at the curling club.  The Desmond was the host hotel.  See the Invitation in the right side bar for information.  Entry forms had to be received by September 6, 2019 to be considered.

Super Senior Fun Day 2019

The 3rd Super Senior Fun Day was scheduled for November 20, 2019 and was hosted by the Albany Curling Club.  Participants needed to be 65 as of December 31, 2019 and 32 women came from around the country to participate.  The Fun Day consisted of two 6 end games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, which were held before the USWCA Senior Women's National Bonspiel Kit Party.  You did not need to be playing in the Sr. Women's National Bonspiel to participate in the Fun Day and you could play in both events.  Entries were accepted for individuals.  Teams were compiled from those applying to participate.  Click this link for more information and to access the entry form.  Deadline for entry was November 2, 2019.  

Congratulations to the Senior Bonspiel Champions from Albany Curling Club of Albany, NY, the Goldstein Rink.

First Event Winners - Albany Curling Club, Albany, New York


Pictured left to right, skip Marilyn Goldstein, vice Kathy Bentley, second Martha Naber, and lead Wendy Berger. 

First Event Runners Up - Rochester Curling Club, Rochester, New York


Pictured left to right, skip Carol Wood, second Carol Dellavilla, vice Andrea Greisberger, and lead Bonney Bennett

Second Event Winners: Mayfield Curling Club, South Euclid, Ohio Second Event Runners Up: Arden Hills Cairn Lassies, St. Paul, MN 
From left to right, skip Debra Horn, vice Leslie Cooke, second Karen Hamilton, and lead Christine Gracione
From left to right, skip Sally Augustine, vice Barb Chapman, second Barb Klussendorf, and lead Linda Turner
Third Event Winners: Utica Curling Club, Utica, NY  Third Event Runners Up: Madison Curling Club, McFarland, WI
From left to right, skip Cindy Brown, vice Carol Jones, second Barb Felice, and lead Kathy Palazzoli
From left to right, skip Star Pfiffner, vice Jo Lippit, second Lynn VandeSande, and lead  Beth Hilt
Fourth Event Winners: Bowling Green Curling Club, Bowling Green, Ohio Fourth Event Runners Up: Cape Cod Curling Club, Falmouth, MA
From left to right, skip Mary Glowacki, vice Sharon Gargasz, second Martha Mazzarella, and lead Ruth Brown
From left to right, skip Mary Colacchio, vice Cathy Offinger, second Kelly Stephens, and lead Mary Kraszeski 

Senior Women's Bonspiel Teams

Teams are listed below, skip to lead, left to right.


Albany - Marilyn Goldstein, Kathy Bentley, Martha Naber, Wendy Berger

Cape Cod - Mary Colacchio, Cathy Offinger, Kelly Stephens, Mary Kraszeski

Nutmeg - Trish Ryan, Naida Leslie, Barb Baroni, Patty Bowman

Petersham - Karen Simpson, Joy Ackerman, Mary Scott, Sharon Begley

Rochester - Carol Wood, Andrea Greisberger, Carol Dellavilla, Bonney Bennett

Schenectady - Dorothy Szymaszek, Fay Navratil, Lisa Miller, Michele Moffitt

Utica - Cindy Brown, Carol Jones, Barb Felice, Kathy Palazzoli


Bowling Green - Mary Glowacki, Sharon Gargasz, Martha Mazzarella, Ruth Brown

Mayfield - Debra Horn, Leslie Cooke, Karen Hamilton, Christine Gracione


Green Bay - Karen Ronk, Diane Koepke, Pat Weisse, Parry Slattery

Madison - Star Pfiffner, Jo Lippit, Lynn VandeSande, Beth Hilt

Milwaukee - Lisa Graff, Joanne Moll, Clare Bergquist, Deirdre Snyder


Aksarben - Nancy Myers, Lois Imig, Bobbie Greenspan, Bev Canterbury

Arden Hills Cairn Lassies - Sally Augustine, Barb Chapman, Barb Klussendorf, Linda Turner

Denver - Alex Merrell, Pat Davis, Nancy Mutz, Karen Bronson

4 (Four) Seasons - Myrna McKinnon, Heather Getty, Michele Widen, Sherry Krueger


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