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What is the USWCA Circuit Event?

The Circuit is designed to increase participation in women's bonspiels and increase the competitiveness of women curlers not currently participating in National Playdowns.

The Circuit will be held in each of the four Regions of the USWCA (East, Central, Wisconsin, and West). Each Region will have its own Circuit Competition and the Top Point Winner from across the country will win The Circuit National Award.

USWCA Member Clubs will benefit from increased participation in their events. The fee for any USWCA member club to include their Women's Spiel in the The Circuit is $100 (only $75 if paid by October 1). This fee along with the fees from The Circuit Curlers will determine the prize money for each Region. The Circuit will not ask the clubs to change their spiel in any way. They simply need to report the results of The Circuit Curlers back to their Region Coordinator.

The Circuit Member Club must have their women's bonspiel registered as being part of The Circuit at least one-week prior to the event. But of course the earlier a spiel is registered, the easier it will be for Circuit Curlers to learn about it and enter!

The participating curling club must be a member of the USWCA to have their women's bonspiel be part of The Circuit.

Individual curlers will register online through the USWCA website. The fee for a season is $30. Curlers must have at least two (2) members of The Circuit on their team to accumulate points.

Curlers can change teammates from one spiel to another. Curlers can register for The Circuit anytime throughout the season and must register before her first game of the participating bonspiel to earn points from that event.

Points are awarded based on games won, with First Event and Final Event wins adding additional points. Curlers must be members in good standing of the USWCA to join The Circuit.

For the complete list of rules, click the link for 'An Application for an Individual' in the box to the right.  To pay by mail, links to instructions and registration forms for both Curling Clubs and Curlers are located in the box to the right.  Or to use a credit card, go through PayPal from the Club Participation and/or Individual Participation pages.  For more information, go to the Contact page and 'Send us a message'.  Mention Circuit in the message box. 

The USWCA Circuit's First Years

A rousing success in its inaugural year, the Circuit began its second season with the goals of providing enhanced competition for women and supporting women's bonspiels across the country. Over $5,000 was awarded in prize money in the Circuit's inaugural year and bonspiel registration was up in participating 'spiels nationwide!

USWCA member clubs can enroll women's bonspiels in the Circuit through the USWCA website, USWCA female members can register through the USWCA or on-site at the participating bonspiel. The national champion and regional winners are determined based on a point system considering size of the event in addition to final event standing.

To view the result from previous years, go to the USWCA Circuit Results page.




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