USWCA Past Presidents


A Gathering of USWCA Presidents

An unprecedented gathering of former Presidents of the USWCA took place at the 2012 Fall Meeting in September in Madison, WI. Then current President Bridget Matzke (seated, second from the right) welcomed fourteen former Presidents during the Board of Representatives Meeting on Sunday, September 16, 2012. Many of these dedicated women continue to work for the organization to support the Mission. 

Front Row Seated L-R: Bonnie Dixon, '08-'09, Peg Jacobs, '88-'89, Bridget Matzke, '12-'13, Diane Firari, '76-'77
Middle Row L-R: Doris Eberlein '84-'85, Jennifer Stannard '09-'10, Judy Maier, '96-'97, Carla Casper, '00-'01, Nancy Seitz, '10-'11, Anne Robertson, '97-'98, Janet Farr, '02-'03
Back Row L-R: Margie Knitter, '04-'05, Maureen Guay, '11-'12, Donna Purkey, '94-'95, Star Pfiffner, '06-'07
* denotes deceased
  Name Club Date
* Bernie Roth (Edward) Wauwatosa Granites 1947-49
* Millie Kochs (Mrs. Frederick Crispin) Indian Hill 1949-50
* Kay French (Henry) Wauwatosa Granites 1950-51
* Bea Wentcher (Ernest) Glenview Witches 1951-52
* Helen Hill (Lucius) The Country Club 1952-53
* Mary Tobin (Howard) Milwaukee Curling Club 1953-54
* Beulah Fitzgerald (John) Utica Glengarries 1954-55
* Ellen Sprowl (James A.) Skokie Thistles 1955-56
* Marge Siebert (Lincoln) Winchester Wicks 1956-57
* MaryLou Freytag (Elmer) Exmoor Highlanders 1957-58
* Bee Evans (Douglas C.) Appleton Tam O'Shanter's 1958-59
* May Jackson (Henry B.) The Country Club 1959-60
* Florence Setchell (Webster) Waltham Curlerettes 1960-61
* Marion Leifer (Larry [L.A.]) Madison Torries 1961-62
* Gert Kittredge (Wheaton) Brae Burn Country Club 1962-63
* Tea Long (Arthur) Glenview Witches 1963-64
* Marian Bruett (Tillman) Wauwatosa Granites 1964-65
* Laura Swick (W. Ashton) Schenectady C.C. 1965-66
* Helen Dixon (Frank) Saddle & Cycle 1966-67
* Florence Lindholm (Leonard) St. Paul C.C. 1967-68
* Shirley Elwell (William) Milwaukee Kilties 1968-69
* Ruth Bridge (Harrison G.) The Country Club 1969-70
* Jean Bulger (John) Indian Hill Squaws 1970-71
* Harriet Hahne Carlson (Phillip) Virginia C.C. 1971-72
* Lois Schulenberg (M. J.) Appleton Tam O'Shanter's 1972-73
* Connie Marsh Kelly (Keith) Nutmeg Curling Club 1973-74
* Isabel Pollen (Frank) Chicago Heathers 1974-75
  Ruth Saranen (Eino) Virginia Curling Club 1975-76
  Diane Taylor Firari (Harold) Portage Tartans 1976-77
* Bunny Porter (David) Wellesley Curling Club 1977-78
* Marylyn Rustman (Karl) North Shore Curling Club 1978-79
  Rose Marie Barton St. Paul Curling Club 1979-80
* Mary Van Ess (Spencer) Wauwatosa Granites 1980-81
* Renee Spencer (Earl) Winchester Country Club 1981-82
  Jean Farner (Gordon) Mayfield Country Club 1982-83
  Dorothy Ensign (William) Duluth Curling Club 1983-84
  Doris Eberlein (Arthur) Wausau Highlanders 1984-85
  Anne Winslow (Kenelm) The Country Club 1985-86
* Ann Brown (Lawrence) Exmoor Country Club 1986-87
* Winnie Bloomquist (Harvey) Drayton C.C. 1987-88
  Peggy Jacobs (Peter) Blackhawk Brooms 1988-89
  Joanne Owens (Charles) Nutmeg Curling Club 1989-90
  Barbara Moses (Harry) Chicago Heathers 1990-91
  Rose Marie Lacher (Bernard) Virginia C.C. 1991-92
  Audrey Peterson (Donald) Madison Torries 1992-93
  Peggy Rotton (William) Utica Glengarries 1993-94
  Donna Purkey (Harold) Chicago Heathers 1994-95
  Margaret Otto Arden Hills Cairn Lassies 1995-96
  Judy Maier (Charles) Kettle Moraine Kettles 1996-97
  Anne Robertson (Phillip) The Country Club 1997-98
  Georgia West (Henry) Exmoor Country Club 1998-99
* Isobel Rapaich Duluth Curling Club 1999-00
  Carla Casper (Thomas) Green Bay Curling Club 2000-01
  Judy Melzer (Richard) Chesapeake Curling Club 2001-02
  Janet Farr (Herbert) Cleveland Curling Club 2002-03
* Shirley Coe (Owen) Curl Mesabi 2003-04
  Margie Knitter Milwaukee Curling Club 2004-05

Flo Springstead (Ed)

Albany Curling Club


  Star Pfiffner (Michael) North Shore Curling Club 2006-07
  Linda Draper (Phil) Granite Curling Club 2007-08
  Bonnie Dixon (Robert) Kettle Moraine Curling Club 2008-09
  Jennifer Stannard Nutmeg Curling Club 2009-10
  Nancy Seitz (Tom) Cleveland Curling Club 2010-11
  Maureen Guay (David) Arden Hills Cairn 2011-12
  Bridget Matzke (Paul) Madison Curling Club 2012-13


Shelley Dropkin (Keith)

Broomstones Curling Club


  Jeannie Borland (Robb) Mayfield Curling Club 2014-15
  Donna Pearson Grand Forks Curling Club 2015-16


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