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USWCA Calendar

International Events

Scots Tour: November 2016

Friendship Tour: Fall 2018

National Events

Fall Meeting: Thursday, September 17 - Sunday, September 20, 2015. Host - Grand Forks CC.

USWCA Senior National Bonspiel: Thursday, December 3 - Sunday, December 6, 2015.  Host - Belfast CC.  

Winter Meeting: Monday, Feb. 22 - Thursday, Feb. 26, 2016.  Hosts - Fairbanks and Grand Forks CC.

USWCA National Bonspiel: Wednesday, Feb. 25 - Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016.  Host - Fairbanks CC.  Go to YouTube to watch the Explore Fairbanks Video.  

Applications will become available late September 2015.  Deadline for entry will be November 1, 2015.

Regional Events

Junior Bonspiels:

  • East: Nov. 7 - 9, 2014.  Host - Potomac CC, Completed
  • Central: Dec. 12 - 14, 2014.  Host - Madison CC, Completed
  • West: March, 2015.  Host - Hibbing CC, Tentative

For more information, go to the Junior Bonspiels page.

5 Year and Under Bonspiels:

  • West II: Open, Oct. 24 - 26, 2014.  Host - Coyote CC, Completed
  • East: Open, Nov. 14 - 16, 2014.  Host - Norfolk CC, Completed
  • Wisconsin: Open, Jan. 16 - 18, 2015.  Host - Madison CC, Completed
  • Central: Open, Jan. 23 - 25, 2015.  Host - Fort Wayne CC, Completed
  • West I: Open, Feb. 7 - 8, 2015.  Host - St. Paul CC,Completed
  • Central: Women's, March 14 - 15, 2015.  Host - Mayfield CC

More information can be found on the 5 Year and Under page.

Local Events

All-American Bonspiels:

  • All Regions: Please speak with your club's representative to get the dates and times the event will be held at your club.

Circuit Bonspiels:

National Bonspiel Information

 Natl Bonspiel Logo 201567th USWCA Women's National Bonspiel "Curl in the Name of Love" February 11 - 15, 2015

The 67th USWCA National Bonspiel was held at the Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale, Michigan.  The host hotel was the Westin in Southfield, Michigan.  Congratulations to the Champions from Exmoor CC - skip Marcy Calaway, vice Tracy Lawless, second Frances Calcutt, and lead Elizabeth Demers.  All results and more information can be found on the National Bonspiel page


5-Year & Under Events Scheduled

5 year and Under Pin2014 - 2015 Schedule

West II: Oct. 24 - 26, 2014, Coyote Curling Club, Open

Congratulations to the First Event Winners from the San Francisco Bay Area CC: Reggie Wilcox, Zevi Altus, Shir Aharon, and Amanda Chang 

East: Nov. 14 - 16, 2014, Norfolk Curling Club, Open

Congratulations to the First Event Winners from the Bucks County CC: Greg Danks, Zac Gery, Justin Lehmann, and Christi Freeman

Wisconsin: Jan. 16 - 18, Madison Curling Club, Open

Congratulations to the First Event Winners from the Milwaukee CC: Nick McLellan, Chris Apel, Bob Sorheim, and Greg Bell

Central: Jan. 23 - 25, 2015, Fort Wayne Curling Club, Open

Congratulations to the First Event Winners from the Fort Wayne CC: Craig Wickman, Stephen Imes, Martina Rozzell, and Chris Keller.

West I: Feb. 7 - 8, 2015, St. Paul Curling Club, Open

Congratulations to the First Event Winners, a composite team from the Ardsley and Detroit Curling Clubs: Will Pryor, Ann Gabhart, Barbara Gabhart, and Patrick Cannon.

Central: March 14 - 15, 2015, Mayfield Curling Club, Women's

Mayfield Bonspiel Informational Flyer 


The goal of these events is to give newer curlers a chance to participate in bonspiels, meet other new curlers, and play positions they normally would not play.  Curlers will feel less concern about attending regular bonspiels after they have played against others with the same level of experience.
All curlers with five or less years of experience are eligible to participate.
For more information and applications for the 5-Year and Under events, click on this link to the 5 Year and Under Page page.  


All-American PinThe All-American is an inner-club event held during the curling season by member clubs throughout the United States.  The USWCA provides beautiful pins to each member club for the event. 

This event was designed to encourage the involvement of women - especially new and less experienced women curlers - so they may have a bonspiel experience within their own clubs.

For more information about the All-American, click on this link to the All-American page.

Fall Meeting

The Fall Meeting will be held September 17 - 20, 2015, hosted by the Grand Forks CC.  Links to the Information for the meeting will be listed below as they becomes available later this summer.

  • Call to Meeting
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Reservation & Information
  • Proposed Bylaw Changes
  • Save the Date Flyer
  • Proxy Form (for those who will not be attending the Fall Meeting)
  • Helpful Misc Information

Senior Women's National Bonspiel Information

Senior National PinThe 34th USWCA Senior Women's National Bonspiel is being held in Belfast, Maine in late Fall 2015.    Information can be found on the Senior Women's Bonspiel 2015 page, when it becomes available. 

Junior Bonspiel Schedule

Junior Bonspiel Pin

March 2015
Hibbing Curling Club, Hibbing, MN



December 12 - 13, 2014 Madison Curling Club, McFarland, WI

Congratulations to the First Event Winners from the Midland CC: Sydney Schroeder, Jebidiah Pallet, Kayla Beauregard, and Claire Visconti.


November 7 - 9, 2014 Potomac Curling Club, Laurel, MD
Congratulations to the First Event Winners from the Potomac, Rochester, and Philadelphia CC's: Hunter Clawson, Caleb Clawson, Ethan Kennedy, and Tyler Oliver.  
For more information, and to see the current and last season's results, please check our Junior Bonspiel page.

The Heart of Curling!

The United States Women's Curling Association was formed to promote and conserve the best interests and the true spirit of the game of curling. The USWCA unites women's curling clubs throughout the United States to cultivate friendly relations among its members and their clubs, to promote international friendships, to preserve the tradition and literature of the game and to hold women's curling events each year.

The Mission: To develop, nurture and promote the sport of curling among today's women and all youth. Indeed, the USWCA is the Heart of Curling.  

If you would like an informational brochure, a full color brochure suitable for printing is available for download here.  

2015 USWCA Women's National Bonspiel

2015 Natl First Event Winner, Calaway(March 1, 2015)  By Susan Tortorelli, On Site Chair

The 67th USWCA National Bonspiel was held at the Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale, Michigan February 9 - 15.  Tough weather on the east coast challenged the teams from New York, Massachusetts, and Maine.  But everyone arrived safely in Michigan to be greeted by sub zero temperatures.  The bonspiel kicked off with a Kit Party on Wednesday night with an appetizer and dessert table prepared by the members of the Detroit Curling Club.  The curling competition commenced on Thursday morning at 7:30 AM and ended with the finals on Sunday at 1 PM.  On Sunday, the curling house was filled with the music of a 6 piece pipe band and drummer.  All teams were piped onto the ice by this band where a toast was offered to all the women who came "To Curl In The Name Of Love". 

Congratulations to the First Event Winners from Exmoor CC, Highland Park, IL(pictured, left to right): skip Marcy Calaway, vice Tracy Lawless, second Frances Calcutt, and lead Elizabeth Demers.  For all results, go to the 2015 National Women's Bonspiel page. 

2014 USWCA Senior Women's National Bonspiel

Sr. Women's First Event Winners, Madison CC(November 26, 2014)  Congratulations to the team from the Madison Curling Club on winning the 33rd annual Senior Women's National Bonspiel.  Pictured left to right, skip Cindy Godar, vice Star Pfiffner, second Kathy Bodine, and lead Linda Fonger came out on top of the 24 team field.  The event was held at the Green Bay Curling Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  For more information and to review all the results, please go to the Senior Women's Bonspiel 2014 page




Juniors Rock!

(October 10, 2014) Excerpts taken from an article by Leslie Armstrong for the Curling News

A new season of curling is upon us.  The USWCA is excited about the upcoming Junior Spiels.  The USWCA sponsors three spiels each year to promote interclub curling among juniors.  Most spiels offer competitive and developmental brackets.  The USWCA Bonspiels are open to teams of juniors from the US (under 21) and from Canada (under 19).  Teams are open format (any combination of males and females).  Travel assistance is available for those teams that travel more than 150 miles by car or 300 miles by bus, rail, or air.  More information regarding the Junior Bonspiel schedule and travel assistance can be found on the Junior Bonpiel page

USWCA Regional Liaisons

(October 10, 2014) by Donna K. Pearson

Promoting the sport of curling throughout the United States, the USWCA strives to enhance communication among our nation's Curling Clubs.  One source the organization utilizes in providing direct communication is Member Club Representatives or Regional Liaisons. 

Each USWCA Club elects a Representative and within each region one Representative serves as the Liaison.  Area Liaisons strive to:

  • Establish personal connections linking the individual clubs and their Representative with the USWCA organization;
  • Communicate with Representatives regarding updates, reminders, and general information via emails, conference calls, and other media resources;
  • Coordinate and share USWCA materials such as banners and signage;
  • Highlight the benefits of USWCA membership with regional clubs; and
  • Mentor Representatives to address questions and concerns arising from individual clubs in addition to providing general support.

Ensuring direct communication assists in identifying areas where the USWCA can help and support member clubs.

Interested in becoming a USWCA Representative??  Please connect with a Regional Liaison.  Go to the Area Representative Liaison page for contact information. 

Circuit Winners Enthusiastially Eye Upcoming Season

(October 10, 2014) Excerpts taken from an article by Elizabeth Demers for the Curling News

Teamwork and camaraderie characterized the 2013 - 14 USWCA Circuit race, with teammates tying for the winning spot in 3 out of the Circuit's 4 regions.  Overall and Wisconsin region winners Lori Karst and Dawn Nonn have curled together in the past, at various levels of competition.  In the Central region, Tracy Lawless and Elizabeth Demers curled together in five spiels and posted three first event finishes.  Jean McCann split her bonspieling energy among several Circuit teams and coasted to West region victory with impressive point totals.  Perhaps the most electrifying winners in the Circuit this year were from Cape Cod, four women from a single team won the East region - Carol Arakelian, Mary Colacchio, Cathy Offinger, and Linda Pistillli. 

All of the regional and national winners are excited for another year on the Circuit, with its promise of new adventures, new bonspiels, new friends, and a renewed spirit of competition. (For an extended version of this article, click on the Circuit Events page.)

There's still time to enter your bonspiel in the Circuit!  Click on the Circuit Events Club Participation page for entry forms and information.  Sign up to participate as an individual.  Click on the Circuit Events Individual Participation page for entry forms and information.  For a list of Circuit Bonspiels, click on the Circuit Events Participating Bonspiels page.  


The 66th USWCA Women's National Bonspiel is Complete

Natl Bonspiel 2014 Winners(February 18, 2014)  The 66th USWCA Women's National Bonspiel, held at Broomstones Curling Club, in Wayland, MA and at The Country Club, in Chestnut Hill, MA, February 12 - 16, 2014 was a resounding success.  Thirty-two teams enjoyed two New England snowstorms, along with great curling and good times! 


The event Champions were the Broomstones 1 team, pictured on the right.  They are, from left to right, Second Teri Olson, Fourth Karen Walker, Third Nicole Vassar, and, throwing lead rocks, Skip Sharon Cutter.  For the complete list of final results, go to the National Women's Bonspiel 2014 page.  You can watch replays of  some of the games by going to the Broomstones YouTube link.

Congratulations to all the event winners and finalists.

2013 USWCA Senior Women

The Team from Broomstones Curling Club Wins the 2013 USWCA National Senior Women's Bonspiel

(November 25, 2013) Congratulations to skip Jamie Hutchinson, vice Carolyn MacLeod, second Gwen Krailo-Lyons, and lead Nancy Jennett for winning the 32nd annual Senior Women's Bonspiel, November 20 - 24, 2013.  The team from Broomstones Ladies Curling Club, located in Wayland, Massachesetts emerged victorious over the 24 team field.  The event was held in Grand Rapids, Minnesota at the Itasca Curling Club.  Great ice, great food, and great people made this an event to remember.  For all results, go to the 2013 Senior Women's Bonspiel page.

2013 USWCA Sr. Bonspiel Champions






Pictured from left to right: Nancy Jennett, Lead, Gwen Krailo-Lyons, Second, Carolyn MacLeod, Vice-Skip, and Jamie Hutchinson, Skip 

2013 USWCA National Bonspiel Champions from Portage, Wisconsin

(February 18, 2013) Congratulations to the rink from Portage, Wisconsin, the winners of the 65th National Bonspiel.  The members of the team were Stacie Heberlein, skip, Sydney Schmus, vice, Sue Weyh, second, and Kayla Johnson, lead.  For draw results, go to the National Bonspiel 2013 page.  

2013 Nat'l Champs, Heberlein Rink, Portage

Pictured left to right: Bridget Matzke, USWCA President (2013) presents the trophy to Lead Kayla Johnson, Second Sue Weyh, Vice Sydney Schmus, Skip Stacie Heberlein

The 65th Annual USWCA National Bonspiel was held Feb. 13 - 17, 2013 at the Portage Curling Club in Portage, Wisconsin.  Festivities kicked off on Feb. 13 with the Kit Party for the 32 participating teams from throughout the four regions of the USWCA.

The 10-end curling competition began at 7:30 AM on Feb. 14 and concluded with the eight remaining teams piped on the ice at 1 PM on Feb. 17. The banquet and annual meeting of the USWCA was held Thursday evening, and a house party at the home of Michele Kornaus, National Bonspiel on-site chairwoman, who treated participants to an "old-fashioned" Wisconsin BBQ and refreshments was held on Friday evening.


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