Circuit bonspiel application


Due to COVID-19, there will be no USWCA Sponsored Circuit Events for the 2020 - 2021 season. 

The cost to submit your Circuit Bonspiel application is $100.  If you are registering as an Individual, please click here

Why should our club’s women’s spiel be part of the Circuit?

  • Increased advertising for the bonspiel on the USWCA Website and potentially if joining early enough on the Circuit’s additional publicity

  • Increased participation in your club’s event. We are modeling the circuit off of the GNCC’s Men’s Tour. All of the events in the two years of the tour have had an increase in participating teams due to the Tour.

  • Curlers can get points in any participating bonspiel from across the USWCA. This should help get teams to travel outside of their local club area.

How much does participation cost? What is the fee for participation?

  • The cost to the club is $100 per bonspiel.  (If you register between May 1 and September 30 of the current calendar year, your fee will be discounted by $25; you pay $75.  If this is the first year for your Circuit Bonspiel, you pay $75 from May 1 through  April 30.  If this is your first year and you pay online using PayPal, you will be charged $100 from October 1 through April 30.  Ask for a refund of $25 from the Circuit Chair.)

  • The fees will go to the prize pool. Over 90% of all fees from both the participants and the clubs will go directly to the prize pool. There will be a prize pool in each participating USWCA area. If there are not enough participating bonspiels and or curlers in a area, areas will be combined.

How will participation in the Circuit change our spiel?

  • Except for having more teams and increasing the competition, the Circuit will have no impact on your club’s spiel. We will not have an impact on how you run your event. (Rules, events, timing). We only require that teams from other clubs be allowed to participate in your spiel.

What does our club need to do? Two Simple things.

First sign up:  Simply print the bonspiel application form and mail it along with the appropriate fee to Kristin Smith, USWCA Curling Circuit, 9065 N. 70th St., Milwaukee, WI 53223 or fill out the online registration form on the right of this page and make the payment by credit card through PayPal. Please be sure to include a contact name, phone number, and email address.  Also, please email an electronic copy of your bonspiel's flyer to Kristin Smith.  Her email address can be found on the bonspiel application form.  

Second:  Once the event is completed, we will ask for the results that impact USWCA Curling Circuit participants. We will strive to make this as easy as an email.

Can we sign up our open Spiel if the participants play on an all women’s team?

No, sorry. We are concentrating on increasing the competitiveness and participation in women’s spiel. This will be re-evaluated at the end of each season

When do we sign up?

The sooner the better. We will want to be able to let all of our curling participants know your bonspiel is part of the the USWCA Curling Circuit. We will get your information on our website. If you decide late in the season to become part of the USWCA Curling Circuit, we will be glad to accept the spiel

Can our club’s spiel be part of the USWCA Curling Circuit if we are not a member of the USWCA?

No, but we will be glad to help you join our organization. Please go to the Becoming a Member page for more information.

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