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Contact the United States Women's Curling Association

The USWCA is the nation's oldest curling association. 

Our Mission is to:

Develop, nurture and promote the sport of curling among today's women and all youth.


Please contact us for addtional information about:

  • Membership in the USWCA  (An informational brochure is available under the About menu on our Home Page)
  • National Women’s Bonspiel – a 32-team national event rotated through each region
  • Senior Women’s Bonspiel – a national senior bonspiel rotated through each region
  • 5 Year & Under – area competitions for women and men curlers with less than 5 years of curling experience
  • All-American - intra-club events for USWCA members
  • Junior Bonspiels – sponsorship of regional bonspiels with funded awards
  • Women’s Circuit – regional tour with cumulative monetary awards supporting competitive development
  • The Friendship Tour  an international curling exchanges between Canada and the U.S. 
  • The Scot Tour –  an inter-continental curling event

Or any other question about the USWCA or if you have questions about curling in general. 

On behalf of the USWCA, we appreciate your interest. 


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