There are three important aspects for hosting an All-American event:


The application form gives us notice that your club plans to hold the event. It is imperative to apply early in the curling season to ensure we have pins available for distribution to all the winning teams. You may download the application form, print and mail to the Chair (as listed in the USWCA Directory) - or the USWCA Representative may hand deliver the form at the USWCA Fall Meeting and take possession of the pins at that time.

The results form needs to be returned immediately following the event. This will ensure that all winning teams are submitted to The United States Curling News for publication.

The regulations document explains Eligibility, Procedure, Rules of Play and Awards.


The All-American has been sponsored by The USWCA since 1966. The All-American is an inner-club event held during the curling season by member clubs throughout the United States. The USWCA provides beautiful All-American pins to each member club for their event.

This event was designed to encourage the involvement of women - especially new and less experienced women curlers - so they may have a bonspiel experience within their own clubs and to foster a greater awareness of women's curling and the role of the USWCA.

Hopefully our USWCA members have the All-American on their club calendar. If it isn't in place, now is the time to work this event into your club's schedule. Encourage your ladies to be a part of this very special 'spiel. If your women's membership numbers are low, consider joining with another USWCA member club to meet the eligibility requirements.

Consider giving your event a true bonspiel atmosphere, with good food, decorations, prizes and a fun time, ending with awarding the All-American pins to the winning team. The All-American bonspiel is a wonderful in-club event with a national flavor because clubs all over the country are holding the same event on home ice.

To clubs who have not joined the USWCA consider becoming a part of our organization in order to be involved in many of our rewarding aspects as well as becoming eligible to participate in our All-American, Senior and National Bonspiels.

Be sure to join your club's All-American this season. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about holding an All-American event at your club, contact Judi Page (see member directory).

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All-American Winning Teams for 2014-2015

Thank you to all the chairpersons and committees who coordinated events this year and made each club's All-American extra special and unique.

During the 2014 - 2015 curling season, a total of 227 teams participated in 38 All-American events held in 33 clubs across the country.  Five clubs held two events, an AM event for their daytime leagues and a PM event for their evening leagues.  They were: Ardsley in the East Area; Chicago and Mayfield in the Central Area; and Kettle Moraine and Madison in the Wisconsin Area.  Congratulations to all participants on another successful All-American season.

The USWCA is proud to announce the winning teams (in order skip, vice, second, lead, except where noted in some photos with an asterisk):


Albany: (pictured below left to right) Charlene Fitzgerald, Ruth Horton, Chris Hall, Stephanie Long

Albany All-American Winners

Ardsley: (AM) (pictured below left to right) Pauline Davies, Pippa Broadhurst, Pamela Speer, Deirdre Gartner, Patricia Van Tassel-Cromie

Ardsley All-American Winners AM

(PM) (pictured below left to right) Nancy Clancy, Lori Murray, Dolores Redding, Gudrun Sablow

Ardsley All-American Winners PM

Belfast: Mary Melton, Diana Hauser, Louise Botkus, Sue Gordon, Liz Fitzsimmons

(pictured below left to right *) Louise Botkus, Mary Melton, Liz Fitzsimmons, Sue Gordon, Diana Hauser

Belfast All-American Winners

Broomstones: Carolyn MacLeod, Meredith Kelsey, Any Holdorf, Alyson Kenward

(pictured below left to right *) Carolyn MacLeod, Amy Holdorf, Meredith Kelsey, Alyson Kenward

Broomstones All-American Winners

Cape Cod: (pictured below left to right) Diane DiMassa, Cathlene Uhl, Linda Pistilli, Meghan Palanza

Cape Cod All-American Winners

Chesapeake: Lorrie Needles, Pam Parks, Jennifer Jenkins, Midge Kroll

Nashua: Deb King, Amy Freise, Karla Ward, Sandy Comstock

Nutmeg: Dianne Muldowney, Marianne Roggemann, Erin Rush, Kristina Neuser

(pictured below left to right *) Katie Murphy for Marianne Roggemann, Kristina Neuser, Erin Rush, Dianne Muldowney

Nutmeg All-American Winners

Philadelphia: (pictured below left to right) Tracy Shickel, Jo Hess, Julie Chadwick, Martha O'Connor

Philadelphia All-American Winners

Plainfield: Louisa Bartok, Mary Lou Mitchell, Karen Muscat, Barbara Benson

(pictured below left to right *) Karen Muscat, Barbara Benson, Mary Lou Mitchell, Louisa Bartok

Plainfield All-American Winners

Rochester: Dorothy Roach, Janet Timmerman, Suzannah Hamer, Amy Carswell

Schenectady: Eileen Kellliher, Nancy Wurth, Cathy Faulkner, Kathy Broody

The Country Club: Anne Robertson, Joan Partridge, Pam Henrikson, Lynda Forse

Utica: Cynthia Brown, Brenda Citriniti, Becky Schewe, Tami Dunnigan


Chicago: (AM) Michele Rittgers, Kathleen Henrikson, Tom Goszczynski, Carol Cleave

(PM) Teresa Anderson, Carol Falasz, Susan Marten, Clara Just

Cleveland Skating Club: Katie Mercer, Annie Hubbard, Geralynn Hussell, Kathryn Canaday

Detroit: Michele Falvey, Susan Tortorelli, Laura Bronczyk, Joan Forbes

Exmoor: Amy Hartwell, Russ Brown, Peggy Griem, Hillary Benson

Mayfield: (AM) Dee Montgomery, Jane VanVliet, Christine Carcione, Maggie Clark

(pictured below left to right *) Christine Carcione, Jane VanVliet, Dee Montgomery

Mayfield All-American Winners AM

(PM) (pictured below left to right) Ashley Lowry, Jeannie Chaney, Rachel Bruecker, Jennifer Murphy

Mayfield All-American Winners PM


Centerville: Karen Specht, Ericka Overgard, Sue Anderson, Cindy Kazmierczak

Kettle Moraine: (AM) Barbara Rampolla, Esther Flakas, Donna Drazkowski, Pat Van Till

(PM) Michele Heinze, Mary Nelson, Diana Gettinger, Lyndsay Johnson

Madison: (AM) (pictured below left to right) Jo Lippitt, Mamie O'Connor, Judi Page, Carrie McDonald

Madison All-American Winners AM

(PM) Karen Dunn, Callie Maursetter, Rene Eastman, Melissa Pozo

(pictured below left to right *) Melissa Pozo, Karen Dunn, Callie Maursetter, Rene Eastman

Madison All-American Winners PM

Milwaukee: Kelly Conrardy, Joanne Moll, Mary Beth Goelzer, Krysten Thompson

Poynette: Dixie Roe, Sumiko Maeda, Dottie Sutfin, Marti Vaningan

Racine: (pictured below left to right) Pam Wortley, Kristin Feick, Melissa Tait, Denise Knudsen

Racine All-American Winners

Wauwatosa: Pam Oleinik, Ann Furlong, Pam McCreary, Jane Plowman


Arden Hills: Paula Arnold, Deborah Snow, Jane Goodspeed, Kay Arndt

Duluth: (pictured below left to right) Sarah Mcleod, Judy Mcleod, Jill Brozic, Lucy Devore

Duluth All-American Winners

Heather: Jessica Landsteiner, Melanie Moore, Sheryl Olson, Barb Moore, Lacy Weidert

St. Paul: Mary Deuhs, Barb Chapman, Mary Jane Krantz, Ruth Taylor


Coyotes: Ashley Siggins, Tatiana Keeling, Stacy Petersen, Jeff Baird

(pictured below left to right *) Jeff Baird, Ashley siggins, Tatiana Keeling, Stacy Petersen

Coyotes All-American Winners

Denver: Alex Merrell, Kathy LeBlanc, Lisa Collard, Megan Connell

Grand Forks: Andrea Neumann, Vivian McKewin, Dongmei Wang, Donna Pearson

All-American Winning Teams for 2013-2014


Albany: Kathy Bentley, Jeanette Davidson, Winn Schwartz, Mary Arthur, Cynthia Galivan

Ardsley: (AM) Kris Liddle, Sandy Gaffner, Barb Gabhart, Ann MacMillan, Lillie Baggett

(PM) Leeza Furman, Karen Luckey, Taylor Block, Leslie Avendano

Belfast: (pictured below left to right) Mary Melton, Nanne Kennedy, Louise Botkus, Melissa Sterry

      Belfast AA Winner 2013-14

Broomstones: (pictured below left to right) Sharon Cutter, Sue Fink, Karoline Trela, Yigi Starr

Broomstones AA Winner 2013-14

Cape Cod: Natalie Galligan, Leslie LeBlanc, Jennie Yaroch, Donna Pijanowski

Chesapeake: Majik Jones, Jan Finger, Pam Parks, Sandy Frederick

Nashua: Cathi Pickett, Shannon McManus, Joan Ford, Inga Slattery

Nutmeg: Elly Bockley, Heidi Follin, Elizabeth Falsetti, Kelsey Schuder

Philadelphia: Laura Hallisey, Pat Jolly, Ingrid Lux, Carol Munchback

Plainfield: Suzanne Lindsay, Leanne Agaman, Kathleen Belschner, DonnaJo Landes

Potomac: Rebecca Erickson, Laurie Baty, Majik Jones, Jacquelynn Beres

Rochester: Carol Wood, Rebecca Hahn, Tricia Wright, Lindsay Cochran, Rachel Nadbrzuch

Schenectady: Sara Marchand Johnsen, Eileen Kelliher, Cathy Faulkner, Michele Moffit

The Country Club: Emmie Newell, Joan Partridge, Sally Hinkle, Carolyn O'Donnell

Utica: Cindy Brown, Carrie Casab, Knyoca Law, Frances Cialino


Bowling Green: Shannon Orr, Matt Sussman, Michelle Breeden, Pete Zaums

Chicago: (AM) Liz Reid, Carolyn Lloyd, Andy Allen, Carol Cleave

(PM) Liz Reid, Claire Potter, Karrie Gottschild, Ellen Dickson

Cleveland Skating Club: Katy Mercer, Peggy Savani, Molly Dixon, Mary Ann Michael

Detroit: Michele Falvey, Deb Freedlander, Julie Benson, Joan Forbes

Mayfield: (AM) Tracie Moore, Ann Hull, Christine Carcione, Sally Chisholm

(PM) Irina Khusid, Dianne Coolidge, Barb Bader, Jennifer Murphy


Centerville: Elyse Sorenson, Sydney Schieffer, Sarah Sandquist, Arika Wussow

Kettle Moraine: (AM) Bonnie Dixon, Carol Stevenson, Tess Munich, Mary Rasmussen

(PM) Bonnie Dixon, Carol Stevenson, Phyllis Kirchner, Julie Fay-Krivitz, Nancy Hohensee

Madison: (AM) (pictured below right to left) Kathy Pielage, Dae Jean Jahnke, Judi Page, Carrie McDonald

Madison AM AA Winner 2014-14

(PM) (pictured below left to right) Mary Ann Jerred, LuAnn O'Connor, Carol Hassemer, Jenn Christenson

Madison PM AA Winner 2013-14

Milwaukee: Kristin Smith, Roanne Barnes, Sara Pakard, Cindy Gallun, Susan Gedelman

Poynette: Hallie Cibulka, Sue Teeter, Areta Jevens, Dixie Roe

Racine: Lisa Johnson, Liz Urban, Melissa Tait, Wendy Perrin

Wauwatosa: Kara Sacia, Sue Dropp, Pam McCreary, Jane Plowman


Arden Hills: Mary Deuhs, Cynda Wahlenburg, Kristin Blomquist, Kay Arndt

Duluth: Sarah McLeod, Judith McLeod, Margie Nelson, Karen Bastianelli

Heather: Hallie Hicks, Jodi Hicks, Melaine Moore, Kim Krengel, Emily Jaeger

St. Paul: Kim Wapola, Karen Volkman, Pam Faye, Deborah Snow


Coyotes: Susan Lang, Jeff Baird, Darryl Horsman, Carl Thompson

Grafton: Gwyn Jacobson, Patti Bjorneby, Mary Kippen, Kristi Olson

Grand Forks: Amy Bushaw, Andrea Neumann, Debbie McLennan, Julia Wallin


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