2006 Senior Women's Friendship tour to Manitoba, Canada

Back Row l-r: Roberta Crain (Albany, NY CC); Jean Vorachek (Grand Forks, CC); Nancy Wilhelm (Blackhawk CC); Carolyn Macleod (Broomstones, MA CC); Karen Miller; Claire Janiga (Detroit CC); Luci Schey (Mayfield CC) Saralee Schneck (Philadelphia CC).

Front Row l-r: Barbara Hamm (Milwaukee CC); Janet Farr (Cleveland Skating Club); Debbie Sather (Fairbanks CC); Jeannie Boriland (Bowling Green); Marj Yalowickie (Seattle Granit CC); Joan Twigg (Potmac CC); Bobbie Greenspan (AKSARBEN CC); Catherine Offinger (Cape Cod, MA CC)


2000 Senior Women's Friendship/Canadian Tour Team

Friendship Tour

This tour offers a unique opportunity for Canadian and American women age 50 or older, to enjoy a friendly, competitive curling experience, make new friends who enjoy the sport of curling and learn more about their curling neighbors.

The Exchange began in 1990 and was collaboration between the USWCA led by Winnie Blomquist of the Grand Forks Curling Club in North Dakota and the Canadian Curling Association. It operates on a three-year rotation between the two countries.

Friendship Tour 2015

Around November 11 - 20, 2015 (dates are tentative), the USWCA will be hosting a Friendship Tour of 16 Canadian women curlers from British Columbia, Canada at a number of USWCA member curling clubs in the West I (Minnesota) and West II (North Dakota) Regions.

Friendship Tour 2012

September, 2011

To All Representatives of the USWCA: The USWCA Senior Women's Friendship Tour Committee is pleased to announce a tour group of sixteen (16) ladies has been invited to curl in British Columbia, Canada. This will be the fourth Friendship tour to Canada from the United States under the auspices of the United States Women's Curling Association. The tour dates will be from, 31st, October, 2012, returning probably on the 11th or 12th, November , 2012. At this point we do not know the tour stops but wanted you to have the dates of the Tour. All members of the USWCA, age 50 or over, are eligible to apply for the tour. The minimum age of 50 corresponds with the minimum level of Canadian senior lady curlers. Applications from persons who have previously taken part in USWCA sanctioned international tours will be considered only if a shortage of other applicants occurs. The use of a stick is acceptable on the tour. Your club may submit applications for as many senior members as wish to apply. Please copy or download this letter and applications and have available for those interested in applying. They will be available on USWCA.org. The deadline for the return of the application is December 16, 2011. Please return the completed form and letters of reference to

Roberta Crain, Chairperson
711 Downing Street
Schenectady, NY 12309

All members of the Friendship Tour Committee will review the application forms. The drawing for the tour team will take place during the Annual Meeting at the site of the National Bonspiel on February 16, 2012. Should weather or other circumstances prevent this; the draw will be made according to Item 6 on the enclosed Selection Plan. An approximate cost of the Tour at this time is $1500 - $2000 (not including airfare). If you have questions not covered by the information on the form or the plan, you may contact me at any time; please see the USWCA member directory for contact information. The USA ladies that took part in the Third Tour to Canada in 2006 were very enthusiastic about their experiences, the lasting friendships and enduring memories of the Tour. We are sure that the upcoming Tour to British Columbia will be absolutely wonderful -- a definite "curling delight" for everyone!

Good Curling!
Roberta Crain


Application2012 Friendship Tour Application Selection Plan2012 Selection Plan Announcement Letter


Selection plan for tour members

  1. A club may turn in as many applications as they wish. The final draw for the tour position will by made by lottery.
  2. The draw will be made using all applicants accepted by the Committee as having completed the application form satisfactorily and including the necessary reference materials.
  3. Names will be put into four boxes according to the area in which the club is located (West - Wisconsin - Central -East).
  4. Four names from each area will be drawn first to compose the tour team. The first name from a club will be accepted. The second name from the same club will be set aside to be used in the draw for alternates if there are not enough names from at least eight individual clubs in the box.
  5. The draw will be conducted by the Committee in the presence of the USWCA President and a USWCA Rep, randomly asked and ineligible to take part in the tour.
  6. All members of the USWCA, age 50 or over are eligible to apply. Previous international curling tour persons will be considered if there is a shortage of first-time applicants.
  7. Tour officers -captain, secretary, treasurer, social chairman (i.e. entertainment) will be selected by the Committee.

Friendship Tour 2009

Novemeber 4 - 14, 2009 the USWCA hosted a Friendship Tour of 16 Canadian women curlers from Manitoba at eight USWCA member curling clubs in Wisconsin and in the Central Region.

Friendship Tour 2006

Sixteen members of the United States Women's Curling Association (USWCA) were selected to participate in a curling tour of the Manitoba Province of Canada where four United States women's curling teams competed against the Canadian women curlers in nine venues throughout the Province.  The sixteen women were selected from the Five Regions of the USWCA.

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