USWCA Bonspiels

Learn more about how to get involved in these great annual curling events

National Women's Bonspiel

The National Women's Bonspiel is an annual ten-end*, 32-team women's bonspiel with participation from member Clubs in each region of the nation. The location of the event rotates among the four geographical areas: East, Central, Wisconsin and West.
Contact Club USWCA Representative for information on entering a team and the National Bonspiel selection process. Each year in early October, the National Bonspiel Procedure Committee Chairman provides the Club Representatives with information regarding the Bonspiel, application forms, and team entry procedures. Any questions may be directed to the Committee Chairman. Learn more about the National Women's Bonspiel.
(*the event changed one time from a ten-end event to an eight-end event for the 2019 bonspiel in Chicago.)

Senior Women's National Bonspiel

An annual event attended by women 55 years of age and older from all member areas. The location of the event rotates among the four geographical areas: East, Central, Wisconsin and West. Learn more about the Senior Women's National Bonspiel.

Junior Bonspiel

All male or female junior curlers from 12 to 21 with one year of experience or up to 9 years of experience.  This is a 3-event bonspiel with two tiers; one for the more experienced curler and one for the novice curler.  Learn more about the Junior Bonspiel.

Five Year and Under Bonspiel

5 Year and Under Pin The 5 & Under Bonspiel is designed to give curlers who have 5 years or less experience the opportunity to participate in a bonspiel with curlers having similar skill levels in positions they normally would not play.  Membership in the USWCA is not required.  It may be run as an Open or Women's bonspiel.  The location rotates among the clubs in a region for each of the four regions: Central, East, West (A and B), and Wisconsin.  Learn more about the Five Year and Under Bonspiel by clicking the link.

All-American Bonspiel

The All American has been sponsored by The USWCA since 1966. This event was designed to give USWCA member clubs the opportunity to participate in a national event on home ice. We encourage each club to make it an opportunity for your daytime and evening curlers to join in fellowship wherever possible; however, participation of all eligible curlers is the goal. If you do not have enough curlers in your own club to hold the All American, you may join with another club to do so. The main focus is on the club curler.
The USWCA will sponsor winning pins for a daytime and evening All American Event. A fifth member pin will also be provided by the USWCA if one is needed. It is the responsibility of each club to have the pins engraved. Learn more about the All-American Event.


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